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The U.S. Flag Code mandates that an American flag that is flown at night should be properly illuminated. With an outdoor flag lighting setup, you can show your dedication to our flag and country 24 hours a day, not just on patriotic holidays. Solar powered flagpole lighting and wired electric flagpole lighting each have advantages and disadvantages. The deciding factors will be your display, your location, and your budget. If you need help determining the best lighting for your flag display, you can call us at 800-628-3524.


Many cities and neighborhood associations require permits or have ordinances in place regarding the installation of lights. Check with local guidelines before making any decisions on flagpole illumination.

WIRED: It may be required that wired outdoor flag lighting complies with local building codes. Don’t forget to call before you dig! Call 811 or visit the website at call811.com.

SOLAR: Solar lights generally have a lower wattage and may comply more easily with local restrictions on bright lighting.

While a wired outdoor flag lighting setup has its advantages, a solar flagpole illumination system might be more cost-effective.

WIRED: Licensed electricians are a necessity for installing in-ground lighting. This will be an added cost to your lighting project.

SOLAR: Solar powered lights are simple to install without an electrician and are less expensive since they do not influence your monthly electric bill.

There are several factors to take into account here, including the amount of natural light during daylight hours and the amount of ambient light at night.

WIRED: If there is a lot of ambient light in the area close to the flagpole, higher wattage electric lighting may be a better choice thanks to its ability to overpower the surrounding lights.

SOLAR: Solar lighting works best in areas that do not have tree coverage since they will require direct sunlight in the daytime hours to fully charge.


At Carrot-Top, we offer over three decades of experience working with customers and offering solutions for residential or commercial flag and flagpole displays. Whether you choose solar or electric lights, our Customer Care Team can help guide you through the process of choosing and installing the lighting system that will be the best for your unique situation. Follow the links below to learn more about Wired and Solar lighting.


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  • Outdoor Above Ground Floodlights
  • Electric-Down Lights/ Ball Top Lights


  • Outdoor Solar Lights
  • Outdoor Above Ground Solar Lights

Check out our flagpole lighting products or call 800-628-3524 to discuss your lighting options with one of our expert Customer Care Professionals.

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