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Electric in-ground lights and above-ground flood lights are a great option to illuminate flags. Carrot-Top will help you determine the best lighting system and products for your display. Check out our flagpole lighting products or call 800-628-3524 to discuss your lighting options with one of our expert Customer Care Professionals.

Types of Electric Outdoor Floodlights


Strong range


Limited range


Top down range

Outdoor / In-Ground

This subtle approach to lighting your flag and flagpole uses lights buried into the ground which illuminate the entire flagpole.

  • Outdoor in-ground lights sometimes have a limited range and may require the use of two or more lights to properly illuminate your display
  • Make sure you select a voltage that provides the intense light needed to reach the flag at the top of the pole
  • Outdoor in-ground lights are a powerful, space-saving option for illuminating your flag display

Outdoor / Above Ground

Usually installed at the base of the flagpole, these lights create a fan-shaped light display that can illuminate both the flagpole and the landscape with the flagpole as a focal point.

  • Floodlights and other above ground lights typically have a strong beam allowing for the use of fewer lights
  • Above-ground floodlights offer enhanced security for your flag display and location

Electric-Down Lights/Ball Top Lights

Electric Downlights, also known as Ball Top Lights, are electrically powered lights which are placed at the top of the flagpole.

  • Illuminate light in a downward direction onto flag and flagpole
  • Ball Top Lights add a decorative or ornamental touch to your flagpole presentation

Factors to Consider

1) Restrictions

  • Check for ordinances restricting the use of bright lights in your community or homeowners association

2) Budget

  • Will your budget and location allow for the hiring of certified electrician and the placement of trenches

Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Residential Flagpoles are often commonly lit with two light fixtures
  • Flag poles in commercial or large residential lots typically require three lights to illuminate the flag and flag pole
  • Light fixtures should be placed 180° apart if using two lights and 120° if using three
  • Recommended placement for an outdoor ground light or outdoor flood light is a distance equal to 1/3 the height of the pole (setback distance = 1/3 x pole height)

Carrot-Top features superior flags and flagpoles in a variety sizes and fabrics and lighting strategies and options for every budget size. For answers to questions or for assistance selecting the best lighting plan for your location and display, simply dial 800-628-3524 and speak with any member of our Customer Care Team.

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