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The Minnesota State Flag expresses the character of “North Star State” with vivid symbols and imagery. Charged with the Minnesota state seal on a medium blue background, the Minnesota flag recognizes the industry, resources and treasures of the state. The center of the shield features a farmer plowing as he looks to a Native American riding in the background. A red banner with the words, ‘Star of the North’ written in French encloses the farmer. The U.S. acquired Minnesota from the British after the Revolutionary War and bought the western part of the state from the French in the Louisiana Purchase. Woven into a wreath of pink and white show lady slippers, the Minnesota state flower, are three dates: 1858, the year statehood was granted; 1819, the year Fort Snelling was established; and 1983, the year the original flag was adopted. Minnesota’s joined the Union as the 32nd state.

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