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Full Product Details of our Outdoor Minnesota Flags:  


Reflect the spirit of the North Star state with a freshly redesigned outdoor Minnesota flag. This new MN state flag features vibrant shades of blue and an eight-pointed star on the left side of the flag. Now available in our three most popular sizes — 3’ x 5’, 4’ x 6’, and 5' x 8'. Each flag comes with:  


  • A robust poly-duck canvas header with two rust-resistant brass grommets, ensuring longevity and resilience. 
  • A bold and detailed single reverse finish, capturing the essence of the North Star state with unmatched clarity and color. 
  • Six-month guarantee on all purchases 
  • Three sizes in stock: 3’ x 5’, 4’ x 6’, and 5' x 8' 
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A. 


Minnesotans can now share their state pride with an updated design printed on durable fabric. The new flag not only represents Minnesota's unique geography and cultural heritage but also its enduring spirit and commitment to reflecting modern values. Order today to receive your updated emblem!  


Why Purchase Outdoor Minnesota Flags from Carrot-Top?  


Outdoor MN flags are now available in two excellent fabrics!


Outdoor Beacon® Nylon Minnesota Flags  


Top U.S.-based flag makers create each outdoor MN flag from durable 200 denier nylon, ensuring resilience to the elements. Nylon is the best all-around flag fabric because of its lightweight construction and durability against the sun and rain. Unlike heavier fabrics like polyester, nylon flies well in slight winds while holding up nicely against the elements.  

Order in our three most popular sizes, 3’ x 5’, 4’ x 6’, and 5' x 8'. 3’ x 5’ flags create spectacular displays on porches, 20’ commercial flagpoles, and other residential and commercial settings. 4’ x 6’ flags will fly beautifully on any 25’ commercial flagpole, an excellent choice for schools and buildings up to three stories high, while 5' x 8' flags are meant for flagpoles 30' to 35'. 


Patriarch® Tough-Ply Poly Minnesota Flag   


Our Tough-Ply Poly flags fly beautifully in places with changing weather. U.S. flag makers craft each flag out of 100% polyester using Open Weave technology. This allows the flag to fly well in light winds and dry fast like nylon flags do — even when wet. Our Tough-Ply poly MN flags are available for pre-order in our three most popular sizes: 3’ x 5’, 4’ x 6’, and 5’ x 8’. These flags are both durable and lightweight. 


About the Minnesota Flag Redesign  


The previous Minnesota state flag faced criticism for decades. The 2001 North American Vexillological Association put Minnesota within the top 10 worst flag designs, and in 2009, a group of Minnesotans created a Facebook group called "Minnesotans for a Better Flag." Critics pointed out the original flag's poor design, controversial imagery, and lack of uniqueness compared to other state flags. In response to these decades of criticism, Minnesota established the State Emblems Redesign Commission in May 2023, culminating in the selection of a new flag design in December. For a detailed insight into this transformative journey, read our blog "Exploring the Minnesota Flag Redesign: A New Era in State Symbolism." 


Looking to Pair Your Outdoor Minnesota Flags with Other Flags?    


Carrot-Top’s complete collection of outdoor American flags will perfectly complement your new state flag. These flags have premium features such as brass grommets, sewn stripes, embroidered stars, and meticulous U.S.A. craftsmanship. We recommend our Beacon® Nylon American Flag for Minnesotans who experience mild to moderate winds. For harsh weather zones, please purchase Patriarch® Polyester U.S.A. Flags, guaranteed to last at least six months, regardless of location. Note, your American flag should be at least one size larger than your U.S. state flag, meaning if your state flag is 3’x5’, your American flag should be 4’x6’ to maintain etiquette.   


Looking to fly more than one flag on your display? Carrot-Top’s huge selection of outdoor flags includes military flagscustom flags, and more. Remember that flying multiple flags requires a strong flagpole, like our heavy-duty architectural-grade flagpole. Shop online to experience our full collection today! 


What Other Minnesota Flags Can I Buy?   


Carrot-Top sells a robust selection of MN state flags with the old design. Learn more about our collection of indoor Minnesota flags, flag sets, and stick flags on our MN flag category page. We also carry Minneapolis flags so you can celebrate the city of lakes with style.  


Why Buy Your State of Minnesota Flags from Carrot-Top?  


Carrot-Top is a family-owned business driven by a team of experienced Flag Pros with a collective 70 years of expertise. We specialize in delivering high-quality products to schools, businesses, and government agencies. To start your order, simply choose your size, fabric, and quantity before selecting “add to cart.” Our Flag Pros are here to help you if you need any assistance. Fill out our Contact Us Form to get started!  


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