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Exploring the Minnesota Flag Redesign: A New Era in State Symbolism

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February 15, 2024 at 3:26:14 PM PST February 15, 2024 at 3:26:14 PM PSTth, February 15, 2024 at 3:26:14 PM PST

Minnesota has recently announced the adoption of a new flag design, marking an exciting chapter for the North Star state. Its new state flag masterfully blends its rich history with a fresh, modern design. 


The new flag features the North Star atop a blue background in the shape of Minnesota. The right side is a more simplistic light blue, signifying the state’s vast skies and numerous lakes. 


This eye-catching new design reflects Minnesota’s identity and values, highlighting the state’s beauty and individuality. Join us as we explore how this new flag represents a renewed sense of pride and unity for Minnesotans. Purchase a stunning new Minnesota state flag from Carrot-Top Industries, available for pre-order now! 


Why Did Minnesota Redesign Its Flag?  


The Minnesota flag redesign was years in the making. Since 1989, critics have pushed for a new flag, even going as far as creating a Facebook group, “Minnesotans for a Better Flag,” in 2009. Many Minnesotans believed its flag did not accurately reflect the state and its people. Some of the most common criticisms regarding its original design included:  


  • Controversial Imagery - The seal pictured on the flag depicts the white man colonizing the frontier, taking the land from the Native Americans.  
  • Poor Flag Design - There were many aspects of the flag that failed to meet the North American Vexillological Association’s definition of good flag design. For instance, the tiny dates and pictures were hard to see, and the seal was meant for official documents, not for use on a flag. The flag itself features a blue background, making it hard to distinguish from twenty other state flags.  
  • Not Memorable - One of the driving factors behind the new flag design is how unmemorable the original flag was. It failed to inspire and was easily overlooked.  
  • Lack of Versatility - The original flag design is hard to reproduce on smaller flags and appears crooked or lopsided when hung on a vertical flagpole. Being able to proudly wave a beautiful stick state flag at parades and events was another main concern.  


While many people were unhappy with the current flag design, others loved it. Its historical significance became a snapshot of the state’s past. 


The phrase "L’etoile Du Nord" served as a reminder that Minnesota was once the Union’s northernmost state, while the 19 stars surrounding the seal symbolize its place as the 19th state. Finally, at the top of the seal, the North Star sat proudly in a place of honor.  


Capture a piece of history with the original Minnesota state flag design, available to purchase at Carrot-Top while supplies last!  


What Did the Minnesota Flag Redesign Process Entail?  


The process of designing the new Minnesota state flag took over a year and included both committee and public involvement. The State Emblems Redesign Commission asked Minnesotans to submit original designs and received over 2,600 submissions. 


The Commission began narrowing down their choices, starting with the Great Seal, which they chose on December 5, 2023. The new state seal contains a loon, the state bird, a North Star, and other noticeable Minnesota state attributes. Next, they narrowed down the flag design to three finalists and began making modifications, finally adopting a background image on December 19, 2023. 


Andrew Prekker, a 24-year-old from Luverne, MN, designed the winning entry. When asked about his inspiration, Prekker stated that he focused on the North Star, then included colors that brought Minnesota to life. He settled on green, symbolizing nature, blue for water, and white for snow. 


On December 29, 2023, the Commission submitted a final report on the flag design process to the State Legislature and the Governor, removing the green and white stripes in favor of a solid blue field. They determined the final design would become effective on Minnesota Statehood Day, May 11, 2024.  


Overall, the design process included both voting and nonvoting members of the commission, ensuring the end result reflected the heart of the North Star state.  


When Will the New Minnesota Flag Go into Effect?  


When choosing a date for the new state flag design to go into effect, it was important to choose a meaningful date to honor the momentous occasion. It was decided that May 11, which is Minnesota Statehood Day, was the best time to embrace the flag’s new beginning.  


Many people are eagerly awaiting the official adoption of the new state flag, and it’s not uncommon to see the emblem already flying atop flagpoles throughout the state.  


Where Can I Purchase the New Minnesota Flag?  


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