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Halyard rope, or flagpole rope, is used to raise and lower your flag on most external halyard flagpoles.

  • Ideal for all-weather displays
  • Made of sturdy polyester braided rope featuring multi-strand weaving
  • 3 color options: White, Brown & Black
  • 3 thickness options: 1/4" rope for 2"-4" diameter flagpoles only, 5/16" rope for 5"-9" diameter flagpoles only, 3/8" rope for 10" or larger diameter flagpoles only
  • Best Practice: Order halyard length that equals twice the height of the flagpole. For example, a 20' flagpole requires approx 40' of halyard
  • How to order the correct quantity: A quantity of 1 = 1 foot of rope
  • Rope is custom-cut from a 500-foot spool. Any length over 500 feet will be a separate piece. For example Order 525 feet of rope and receive one spool with 500 feet of rope and a separate section with 25 feet of rope
  • See below for more details


When to Replace My Halyard or Flagpole Rope?

Every time you change your flag, inspect your flagpole rope. If there are any signs of fraying, it is time to replace it. Most people find that their rope will need to be replaced once a year.

Which Type of Halyard Should I Choose?

Standard halyard is the most common choice for flagpoles. The braided polyester strands resist stretching and are long-lasting in outdoor elements. With a flexible strength, our regular rope will make raising or lowering your flag and snap hook replacement easy. We also supply wire core flagpole rope which can be used for anti-theft purposes since these ropes cannot be cut easily.

What Thickness and Length Should I Choose?

The flagpole rope thickness is dependent on your flagpole's base diameter. Easily measure around the base of your flagpole, as close to ground level as possible and divide that number by 3.14 for an estimated diameter. For example, if you measure the base to be about 12" and divide it by 3.14, it is safe to say your flagpole diameter is about 4". On average, flagpoles with a 2"-4" diameter need ¼" halyard, a 5"-9" diameter need 5/16" halyard and a 10" or larger diameter need a 3/8" rope.

**All halyard ropes are custom cut to length per order. This item is non-returnable.**

Halyard is sold in one-foot increments, and you should purchase a rope length that is double the height of your flagpole. For example, a 20' flagpole will require a 40' rope to ensure the rope will go through the pulley at the top and hang past the cleat at the bottom. This will allow enough halyard to hang your flag and still secure it to the cleat. In this flagpole example, you would enter 40 in the quantity field when purchasing.

How Do I Replace My Rope Without a Bucket Truck?

If your old rope is still on your flagpole, you're in luck; no bucket truck is required! Simply cut the existing rope and tape the new rope end to the old halyard. Be sure not to overlap the two ends so that it will easily glide through the pulley at the top of your flagpole. Gently pull the old rope off of your pole, and the new rope will take its place. Remove the tape connecting the two halyards and secure the two ends of the new rope together without overlapping.

If you have several flagpoles to maintain, 500' uncut spools of halyard rope are available upon request. Call for pricing. See all of our Outdoor Flagpole Accessories to finish your flag display with a touch of class. Our accessories are great to be paired with a Commercial Outdoor Flagpole or a Residential In-Ground Flagpole. Pick out an American Flag, Military Flag or any other Outdoor Flag for your outdoor flagpole. All our products are made with great attention to detail for long-term displays. Browse through our large collection of Custom Products and Facilities and Events Products to find what you need for your next event. For further details, please fill out our contact us form, and one of our Flag Pros will be in touch with you.

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