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Full Product Details of our Custom-Cut Flagpole Rope (Halyard):  


Elevate your flag displays with our premium custom-cut flagpole rope. A cornerstone for any commercial flag display, our halyard rope is engineered from high-strength, fray-resistant braided polyester to withstand challenging weather conditions. Balancing flexibility and tensile strength, our halyard allows you to raise and lower your flag effortlessly while maintaining a dignified patriotic presentation. Place your order today and secure the foundation of your commercial flag displays with unmatched confidence. 


  • Creates durable flag displays in all types of weather 
  • Made from sturdy polyester rope featuring multi-strand weaving to resist fraying 
  • Three color options to match the color of your flagpole 
  • Three thickness options: 1/4" rope, 5/16", and 3/8" rope 
  • Custom cut to match the height of your flagpole. Quantity of one = 1' of rope!  
  • Made in the U.S.A.  
  • See the FAQ for more information on how to order the correct flagpole rope 


Note: Our flagpole rope is custom-cut from a 500-foot spool. Any length over 500' will be a separate piece. For example, an order of 525' of rope will receive one spool with 500' of rope and a separate section of 25'. 


Why Purchase Flagpole Rope from Carrot-Top Industries?  


Choosing the right flagpole rope is essential for maintaining your flag display's safety, durability, and aesthetics. At Carrot-Top, we pride ourselves on offering only the finest quality halyard, crafted from superior-grade, high-tensile polyester. This material specifically resists fraying and withstands extreme weather conditions, safeguarding against breakage. Our rope's resilience ensures your display's longevity while saving you time and money by minimizing the need for frequent replacements. 


Our rope's superior quality enables a taut display, enhancing the visual appeal of your flag. It also helps ensure your pulley system is entirely operational so you can raise and lower your flag without snagging. Carrot-Top stands by its commitment to quality and our dedication to supporting American manufacturing. We source each halyard rope from U.S. manufacturers, who craft them to surpass the most demanding quality standards. 


Choosing Carrot-Top means choosing a product that guarantees a pristine flag display free from sagging or tangling while investing in excellence synonymous with American-made goods. Ensure your flag display's safety, durability, and beauty with Carrot-Top, where quality meets unmatched professionalism. 


Other Types of Flagpole Rope 


Carrot-Top offers wire-core halyard rope in addition to standard polyester braided rope. Those interested in replacing snap hooks with their halyard should consider purchasing our flagpole repair kits, complete with rope, four brass snap hooks, and a 9" cleat. View our flagpole rope page for the complete list of options. 


FAQ Regarding Flagpole Halyard 


Don't hesitate to contact our Flag Pros if you have additional questions. We are always available to help you find the right products.  


1. When should I replace my flagpole rope? 


We recommend periodically inspecting your flagpole rope for signs of fraying. If you notice any, replace your rope as soon as possible. Most people need to replace their rope at least once a year. 


2. What type of halyard should I choose?  


Standard halyard is the most common choice for flagpoles. The braided polyester strands resist stretching and last long in outdoor conditions. With flexible strength, our regular rope will make raising or lowering your flag and snap hook replacement easy. We also supply wire-core flagpole rope, which includes difficult-to-cut wire, preventing thieves from stealing your flag. 


3. What thickness and length should I choose?  


The flagpole rope thickness is dependent on your flagpole's base diameter. Easily measure around the base of your flagpole, as close to ground level as possible and divide that number by 3.14 for an estimated diameter. For example, if you measure the base to be about 12" and divide it by 3.14, it is safe to say your flagpole diameter is about 4". On average, flagpoles with a 2"-4" diameter need ¼" halyard, a 5"-9" diameter need 5/16" halyard and a 10" or larger diameter need a 3/8" rope.  


**All halyard ropes are custom cut to length per order. This item is non-returnable.**  


Halyard is sold in one-foot increments, and you should purchase a rope length that is double the height of your flagpole. For example, a 20' flagpole will require a 40' rope to ensure the rope will go through the pulley at the top and hang past the cleat at the bottom. This will allow enough halyard to hang your flag and still secure it to the cleat. In this flagpole example, you would enter 40 in the quantity field when purchasing. 


4. Can I replace my rope without a bucket truck? 


If your old rope is still on your flagpole, you're in luck; no bucket truck is required! Simply cut the existing rope and tape the new rope end to the old halyard. Be sure not to overlap the two ends so that it will easily glide through the pulley at the top of your flagpole. Gently pull the old rope off your pole, and the new rope will take place. Remove the tape connecting the two halyards and secure the two ends of the new rope together without overlapping.  


If you have several flagpoles to maintain, 500' uncut spools of halyard rope are available upon request. Call for pricing. 


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Carrot-Top Industries specializes in a broad selection of high-quality commercial flagpoles, flags, and accessories. As an FMAA-certified retailer, we guarantee our outdoor American flags are handcrafted in the U.S.A., offering unmatched quality from leading manufacturers. For any queries or guidance, our Flag Pros are ready to assist. With over 70 years of collective experience, they'll help you find the right products within your budget. Order online or use our Contact Us Form for expert service and premium, American-made products. 

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