Wire-Core Flagpole Halyard

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Full Product Detail of Our Wire-Core Flagpole Halyards:  




Elevate your flag display to new heights of security and durability with our wire-core flagpole rope. Specially designed for outdoor use, this halyard combines the ease of display with unparalleled theft protection. Constructed from solid aircraft cable, this robust rope resists cutting, safeguarding your flag from tampering and unauthorized removal. Choose our wire-core halyard for a flag display that brings peace of mind and showcases the strength of added security. 

  • Made from sturdy polyester braided rope with 3/32" galvanized aircraft cable at the center 
  • Comes in three colors: white, brown, and black 
  • Has three thickness options: 1/4" rope for 2" to 4" diameter flagpoles, 5/16" rope for 5" to 9" diameter flagpoles, and 3/8" rope for 10" or larger diameter flagpoles only  
  • For use with any external halyard flagpole 
  • 2,100 lb tensile strength to hold any flag 
  • Non-returnable 


How to Order the Correct Length Halyard 

Qty 1 = 1ft of rope. Generally, you want your halyard rope to be double the height of your flagpole. For example, a 20' flagpole requires 40' of halyard rope, meaning you must enter 40 as the quantity. Each rope is custom cut from a 500' spool, meaning you will get multiple pieces if you order more than 500' worth of halyard rope. For example, if you order 525' worth of rope you will get one 500' piece and another 25' piece. 

FAQ About Our Wire-Core Halyard 

Have any additional questions not answered here? Feel free to fill out our Contact Us Form to speak with a Flag Pro.  

When should a flagpole halyard or flagpole rope be replaced?  


Regular maintenance is key. Flagpole ropes should ideally be replaced annually. Inspect for fraying every time you change the flag. If you notice wear on the wire-core rope, it's time for a replacement. 

2. Which type of flagpole rope should be used in which conditions? 


  • For Enhanced Security: Wire-core halyards, with their sturdy polyester braiding and wire core, are best for areas where theft is a concern. This type of rope requires bolt cutters to cut through, offering extra protection. 
  • For Regular Conditions: Standard polyester rope is suitable for most outdoor flagpoles where theft isn't a major concern. 

3. How thick should the flagpole rope be?  


  • For Small to Medium Flagpoles: Use ¼" halyard for poles 2"-4" in diameter. 
  • For Medium to Large Flagpoles: Choose 5/16" halyard for 5"-9" diameter poles. 
  • For the Largest Flagpoles: Opt for 3/8" rope for poles 10" or larger in diameter. 


The ideal thickness is based on the flagpole's base diameter, which is calculated by dividing the base diameter by 3.14. 

How long should the flagpole rope be?  

Your flagpole rope should be twice the height of your flagpole, allowing for a comfortable fastening on a cleat and a freely hanging flag. Enter the required length in the quantity field when ordering. 


Note: All halyard ropes are custom cut per order and are non-returnable. 

How do you change a flagpole rope while it is still attached to the flagpole?  

To replace a flagpole rope while it's still attached: 

1. Cut the existing rope on the flagpole.

2. Tape the end of the new rope to the old one, ensuring a flush connection. 

3. Pull the old rope to thread the new one through the pulley. 

4. Gently detach the old rope and install the new one. For broken ropes, professional help may be needed. 

What are some other ways to prevent flag theft?  


For added security, we also suggest a cleat cover box and channel to limit access from the ground level. We also sell internal halyard flagpoles featuring a lockable door and cable assembly that limits access to your flagpole rope.

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