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Full Product Details for the American Banner Flag:  


Recommended for home use, an American flag banner makes installing a flag display on your home or small business worry free. Each flag is finished with a hemmed pole sleeve that easily slides over any outrigger flagpole. Create vibrant patriotic displays in minutes with our banner-style US flags!

  • Lightweight nylon fabric that flies easily in light to moderate winds 
  • Four rows of lock stitching at fly end to reduce fraying 
  • Finished with a simple pole sleeve designed for 5’ or 6’ wall-mounted flagpoles 
  • Available in three sizes: 2’x3’, 2.5’x4’, 3’x5’ 
  • Made in the U.S.A. 


Why Buy an American Flag Banner?  


Learn why so many consumers and businesses decorate with banner-style USA flags. 


Quick and easy installation  


If you are looking for a residential nylon flag that can handle light to moderate winds, our American Banner flag is a great choice for either a 5' or a 6' wall-mounted flagpole. This U.S. flag is designed with a simple pole hem that slides over a 1" diameter flagpole. The flag includes a leather tab used to secure the flag to the clip on the pole.  


Quality craftsmanship  


Our American banner flag features high-quality craftsmanship with embroidered stars and sewn stripes. The flag also has four rows of lock stitching at the fly end that help to reduce fraying. It is available in three sizes: 2'x3', 2.5'x4' and 3'x5'. 


Frequently Asked Questions about American Flag Banners 


Don’t hesitate to contact our Flag Pros if you have a question not answered in this FAQ.

1. How is this product different from an outdoor American flag?  


Outdoor American flags attach to flagpoles using brass grommets, snap hooks, and halyard rope. They are typically finished with a poly duck canvas header and are designed for use with an in-ground flagpole. USA flag banners do not have grommets. Instead, they are finished with a lined pole sleeve and attach to their flagpole using a leather tab.  


2. Should I purchase an American flag banner or an outdoor American flag?  


Both our grommeted flags and our banner-style flags can attach to a wall-mounted flagpole. However, you must purchase flag collars if you plan to use an outdoor American flag with that type of flagpole. 


3. What size flag should I purchase for my flagpole?  


We recommend using a 3’x5’ flag with a 6’ outrigger flagpole. Use a 5’ pole to display a smaller, 2’x3’ flag. 


Decorate for Independence Day and More with Carrot-Top! 


Carrot-Top carries premium commercial-grade patriotic decorations in addition to our American flag banners. Decorate your business, city, or school for the holidays when you shop with us. Our Flag Pros and extensive online resources can prepare you for Memorial Day, 4th of July, Veterans Day, Labor Day, and beyond. Check out related products to pair with your banner-style United States flag.  


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Patriotic bunting 


American flag bunting creates a timeless look for the Fourth of July. Our American flag bunting comes in many styles and designs. Choose from nylon, cotton, and poly-cotton pleated fans, available in standard five-stripe designs, mourning colors, and more. Fan flags can be placed under windows, on fences, and more.  




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Looking for more Fourth of July decoration inspiration? Check out our blog “How to Decorate Your City or Neighborhood for the 4th of July” Those looking for a classic American flag to hang on their outrigger flagpole should consider purchasing our all-weather Beacon® Nylon American Flag. This flag is a grommeted flag built for outdoor conditions, guaranteed to last at least six months.  


Buy Quality Flags and Patriotic Decorations!  


Carrot-Top has over 40 years of experience selling flags and flagpoles to businesses like yours. As one of the most established brands in the flag industry, we have amassed thousands of five-star reviews. Shop online to view our full selection of indoor flags, flag sets, and American flag banners. Use our contact us form to speak with Flag Pro if you need help shopping. 

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