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How to Decorate Your City or Neighborhood for the 4th of July

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May 25, 2023 at 11:54:00 AM PDT May 25, 2023 at 11:54:00 AM PDTth, May 25, 2023 at 11:54:00 AM PDT

Display your patriotic pride this 4th of July with inspiring decor from Carrot-Top Industries. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant American flag, traditional Americana decor, or anything in between, our selection is sure to make your city or government building look patriotic. Shop from a company built on true American values with American-made products crafted from the highest quality materials and made to last the test of time. Our patriotic decor is sure to make good ole Uncle Sam proud!

Enhance Your Street with Patriotic Street Banners

Help dot your city streets with red, white, and blue by adding your very own patriotic street banner. Street banners attach to light poles or streetlamps and are an easy yet impactful way to decorate your city; you can even attach them to small trees, pillars, or columns. Thanks to their ease of installation and damage-free design, they make excellent July 4th decorations! Perfectly decorate your city, neighborhood, or university campus with our many templated and customized street banners. At Carrot-Top, we offer the highest quality street banners with multiple levels of customization options, including our:


Stars and Stripes Street Banner


Our stars and stripes street banner measures 30”x60” and is perfect for display on Independence Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Labor Day, or any other patriotic holiday. These simplistic yet stunning banners feature vibrant red, white, and blue stripes with five white stars down the middle. Crafted from waterproof, solid 18 oz. durable vinyl with UV-resistant ink, they are great for indoor or outdoor use. Each banner includes a pole sleeve and fitted brass grommets compatible with any street banner hardware.


Americana Street Banner


Add a bit of Americana whimsy to your Fourth of July decorations with Carrot-Top’s Americana street banner. Our exclusive design features a stunning asymmetrical American flag guaranteed to be the perfect backdrop for any firecracker display. Made for outdoor use, these banners measure 30”x60” and are crafted from heavy-duty 18 oz. waterproof vinyl with reinforced stitching and durable brass grommets.

Custom Patriotic Street Banners

If you’re looking for unique patriotic decor, our custom patriotic street banners are the answer! Contact one of our Flag Pros to find out how you can create a meaningful and impactful banner that will let your American spirit shine through!

Beautify with American Flag Bunting

American flagbunting is an easy way to add patriotism and show your love for the USA. Hang them on fences, railings, or from the ceiling; drape them between buildings in alleyways or columns; place them beneath windows or anywhere you want to add patriotic wall decor. American flag bunting pairs beautifully with cotton pulldowns and works well as decoration for your next parade or festival. At Carrot-Top, we offer a wide selection of top-quality cotton bunting for endless decorating possibilities. Some of our trending products include:

American Flag Bunting – Fans

For stunning outdoor decor, use our American flag bunting fans with white five-pointed stars. There are three sizes available, from 3’x3’ to 4’x8’, to fit any indoor or outdoor space. They have flowing, crisp pleats for a traditional look and feel. Each bunting includes three reinforced brass grommets that make them easy to display at your next event. For outdoor displays, our nylon buntings feature waterproof and anti-fading material, while our cotton/poly blend is ideal for indoor use. Adorn your governmental building, gazeboo, or any other public space with American flag fans and your event will become a time to remember.

Mourning Bunting

Mourning fans are used to adorn buildings or are displayed during memorial services as a way to show reverence for those who have passed. At Carrot-Top, we are committed to providing our customers with vibrant and durable bunting to provide due respect for those who are no longer with us. Our mourning bunting measures 3’x6’ and is made from ultra-durable nylon with a top header complete with reinforced grommets that are perfect for hanging.


Vintage Bunting

If you’re looking for timeless decorating ideas, our vintage bunting adds a bit of whimsy to your patriotic decor. Tap into nostalgia with these professionally tea-stained buntings constructed from durable cotton material that will look stunning year after year. We offer two sizes, regular, which measures 3’x6’, and mini, measuring 1.5’x3’, ensuring you have a stunning piece of decor to fit in any space.


Custom Colors


For those who adore our American flag bunting, we offer custom color nylon pleated fans that are ideal for year-round use. Choose from 28 colorways expertly dyed into our colorfast 200-denier nylon pleated fabric that features advanced waterproof color-safe technology that won’t bleed when wet. Each custom bunting measures 3’x6’ and is great for showing off your colors.


If you’re looking to simplify your Fourth of July decor, our outdoor patriotic decorating kit has everything you need to make your building look incredible. Each kit includes: 

  • 1–10'x15' Beacon® Nylon U.S. Flag 
  • 6–3'x6' Nylon Fan with Stars 
  • 1–18"x20' Poly/cotton Bunting 
  • 4–20" x 8" Nylon 50-star Pulldown

These kits make decorating easy and work well for political events, patriotic holidays, homecomings, 4th of July parties, or any other celebration where you want to display your American pride. Use it as a set or individually for a breathtaking display that honors our beloved country.

Add a Fun Touch with Pennant Strings


Nothing says celebration like pennant strings, so turn to Carrot-Top for the highest-quality options on the market. We proudly carry multiple colors, sizes, and lengths, making it easier than ever to show your patriotic spirit. Hang them in parking lots, from the ceiling, in between buildings, on porches, along fences, or anywhere you want to liven up the look and feel of the space. Our vibrant pennant string styles include:


 Red, White, and Blue Pennant Strings

Our OSHA-approved red, white and blue pennant strings feature 105’ of vibrant colors, perfect for any patriotic event. Each flag measures 12’x18’ with a total of 48 on each string. They are crafted from 4 mil polyethylene plastic, double-sewn, and attached to a sag-resistant high-strength tensile rope, tested for up to 500lb.

Americana Pennant Strings


Our Americana pennant strings come in two size options, 100’ and 25’, and make a stunning backdrop to any patriotic setting. Each string features high-gloss, tear-resistant mini pennants, making them an economical way to add whimsy and patriotism to your decor.


U.S. Flag Pennant Strings

Decorate your space with the patriotic star and stripes on our U.S. flag pennant strings. Made with 4 mil polyethylene, each string contains 24 U.S. flags and is sure to bring the perfect patriotic touch to any event.


Decorate with Windsock Flags


Windstock flags are a fun and easy way to add whimsy to your patriotic decor. Hang these cute flags anywhere you want to show off your patriotism. We offer both nylon and polyester options, so check out our selection to find the one that is right for you.

Hang an American Flag Banner 

Banner American flags differ from other flag types since they are made to hang on the wall rather than flying from a pole. They are an easy yet stunning way to add red, white, and blue decor while still showing respect to our beloved nation. You can hang your banner flag on a wall, entryway, street, or anywhere you want an impactful patriotic statement. At Carrot-Top, our American banner flags are available in two sizes, 16”x42” or 2’x3’, so you can choose the one that best fits your available wall space.


Heighten Your Curb Appeal with Mounted Flag Sets


Mounted flags add instant curb appeal while displaying your American pride. In addition to our residential mounted sets, we carry several sets that are perfect for commercial-use. Our Metropolitian™ flag pole set comes pre-mounted to save you time on installation. Adorn each streetlight or utility pole with an American flag and your streets will immediately look more patriotic while showing class and style.


Show Your Respect with Military Parade Flag Sets

Nothing brings out the patriotism within every American’s heart like seeing a military branch flag in the arms of one of our brave servicemen or women. At Carrot-Top, we are proud to offer an enormous selection of quality military parade flag sets for all five service branches, including our:


Additionally, we stock military car flags for all military branches, which make the perfect display for any parade vehicle.

Be Creative with Small American Flags


Carrot-Top offers a wide selection of small American flags that are perfect for decorating your desk, office, centerpieces, or tabletop. They also work wonderfully within a patriotic wreath hung on the front door of your office or home or placed on a display next to your doormat. We also offer cemetery flags that are slightly larger and work well to adorn your yard or on a gravesite. 

Update Your Outdoor American Flag!


July 4th is an ideal time to update your American flag display to ensure the patriotic red, white, and blue colors remain vibrant for the year to come. Carrot-Top offers American flags in many different sizes and fabrics to match any display, whether professionally assembled or a DIY creation, so you can display your patriotism year-round. Shop online today or contact us to find the ideal flag for any occasion today!