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$68.99 to $97.99


Full Product Details of Our 3x5 ft US Flag and Pole Set: 

Give your downtown streets a patriotic flair with a display of Metropolitan™ 3' x 5' premounted American Flag and Pole Set. The set comes complete with Carrot-Top's Beacon® U.S. Flag pre-attached, making setup easy.  


  • Beacon® Nylon Flags are a Carrot-Top signature product, designed for outdoor use  
  • Great for mounting 15' above the street on power or light poles  
  • Usable on light poles with fluted surface  
  • Choose from a variety of 6' long flagpole designs  
  • It can also serve as a great residential flagpole when mounted with an angled bracket (not included)  
  • Includes two plastic collars for mounting  


Why Buy the Metropolitan™ 3' x 5' Premounted U.S. Flag Set? 

 There's nothing that says "Americana" more than a prominent display of American flags on a city street, and the Metropolitan™ 3' x 5' Premounted American Flag Pole Set is the perfect way to bring out that patriotic spirit. These affordable, high-quality street flag sets are equally suited for either residential or municipal display. Before ordering, check local ordinances regarding flagpole displays on city streets.  


Our Flagpole Options 

 The Metropolitan™ 3' x 5' US Flag and Pole Set gives you five different flagpoles to choose from:  
  • 6' Silver Spinning Pole with Gold Ball Top  
  • 6' Silver Spinning Pole with Silver Ball Top  
  • 6' Wood Grain Spinning Pole with Gold Ball Top  
  • 6' One-Piece Solid Wood Pole with Wooden Ball Top (ash-tinted hardwood)  
  • 6' One-Piece Solid Wood Pole with Wooden Ball Top and Unfurler (ash-tinted hardwood)  
  • 6' Silver Aluminum Pole with Vinyl Gold Ball Top  

    The silver and woodgrain metal flagpoles are aluminum and 1" in diameter, with a "spinning" design that allows the pole to turn or spin on ball bearings to follow the wind direction. Spinning flagpoles help prevent the flag from tangling or wrapping itself around the pole.


    The 6' wood flagpoles are hardwood with an ash finish, and the wood model unfurled uses a plastic sleeve attached to the flag. This sleeve can turn to follow wind direction and is anchored to prevent sliding down the flagpole's shaft. 


    Carrot-Top also offers the option to mount your 3x5 nylon American flag to this Metropolitan set. Furthermore, feel free to check our indoor American flag and pole kit as an alternative option. For further details, please fill out our contact us form and one of our Customer Care Representatives will be in touch with you.

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