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Full Product Details of Our Metropolitan™ 3'x5' American Flag with Pole:  


Line your streets with Old Glory's bold and bright colors when you purchase our Metropolitan™ 3'x5' Pre-Mounted Flag Set. Featuring our signature Beacon® Nylon American Flag and a sturdy flagpole, these sets embellish your city streets and parking lots with red, white and blue while helping showcase your community's patriotism. Save time decorating your city with these quality, pre-assembled flag kits!  

  • Includes our Beacon® Nylon U.S. Flag that flutters beautifully even in very slight winds 
  • Creates beautiful American flag displays when mounted 15' above the street on power lines or light poles 
  • Comes in a variety of 6' flagpole designs and ornaments 
  • Usable on light poles with fluted surfaces 
  • Includes two plastic collars for mounting  
  • Bracket or stainless-steel bands not included  


Why Buy Our Metropolitan 3'x5' American Flag with Pole Set?  


Elevate your American spirit with the Metropolitan™ 3'x5' Pre-Mounted American Flagpole Set, a symbol of Americana that adds a touch of elegance to city streets. Each set features our signature Beacon Nylon American Flag, celebrated for its resilience in all weather conditions and unwavering vibrancy. These top-quality nylon flags boast exquisite embroidered stars, meticulously sewn stripes, and rust-resistant brass grommets for effortless hoisting.  

In addition to a beautiful made-in-the-USA flag, this flag set comes with a flagpole that you can mount almost anywhere. Available in three distinct colors, these flagpoles can be customized to match your surroundings. Opt for our wood-grain or silver finish flagpoles, complete with a spinning action that prevents your flag from wrapping around the pole, ensuring your display looks pristine and professional. Our wooden finish flagpoles can also be equipped with an unfurler to maintain the flag's sharp appearance. Decorate your city effortlessly with the Metropolitan Pre-Mounted Flag Sets and infuse your surroundings with a patriotic ambiance that inspires pride and unity today! 


More Information on our Flagpole Options 


Our Metropolitan™ 3'x'5 American flag with pole set comes in five different flagpole options. Coordinate the finish and ornament to match your environment seamlessly. The silver and wood-grain metal flagpoles are aluminum and 1" in diameter, with a spinning design that allows the pole to turn or spin on ball bearings to follow the wind direction. Spinning flagpoles help prevent the flag from tangling or wrapping around the pole. The 6' wood flagpoles are hardwood with an ash finish, and the wood model unfurled uses a plastic sleeve attached to the flag. This sleeve can turn to follow wind direction and is anchored to prevent sliding down the flagpole's shaft. Here is the full list of flagpole options.  

  • 6' silver spinning pole with silver ball top 
  • 6' silver spinning pole with gold ball top 
  • 6' wood-grain spinning pole with silver ball top 
  • 6' one-piece solid wood pole with wooden ball top (ash-tinted hardwood)  
  • 6' one-piece solid wood pole with wood ball top and unfurler (ash-tinted hardwood)  


FAQ for Metropolitan™ 3x5 American Flag with Pole 


Have additional questions regarding the Metropolitan™ Pre-Mounted Flag Set? Fill out our contact us form to speak with a Flag Pro today!  


1. Does this set come pre-assembled? 


Yes, the Metropolitan™ set comes with the flag already attached to the flagpole to save you time on installation.  


2. Can I order a pre-assembled state and military flag?  


Yes, you can order any 3'x5' outdoor flag we offer pre-assembled. This includes our state and military flags as well as any of our world flags, religious flags, or civil service flags. Call us or fill out our contact us form for more information on our pre-assembly services.  


3. How do I attach my 3'x5' American flag with pole to my surroundings? 


You will need mounting hardware to attach your 3'x5' American flag to your surroundings. We recommend using stainless steel bands to attach this pre-mounted flag set to your street or utility pole. You can also connect your flag to a residential pole or column using our mounting brackets. Check out our flag mounting brackets category page for a complete list of finishing hardware. Note that not all items on the page are compatible with this pre-mounted flag set, so contact our Flag Pros if you need assistance shopping for a bracket.  


4. Can I use these flag sets on my residence?  


Yes, you can use our Metropolitan™ 3'x5' Pre-Mounted Flag Sets to create a beautiful porch flag display. Order one of our fixed angle or adjustable brackets to install this flag set to your home for a signature patriotic display admired across your neighborhood.  


5. Can I fly the flag at half-mast on this flagpole?  


Regrettably, these flagpoles do not allow for flying the flag at half-staff. However, you can attach a black mourning bow just below the spearhead, allowing it to flutter above the flag to serve as a respectful tribute. 


6. How do I properly care for the flag and pole?  


To ensure longevity: 

  • Regularly inspect the flag for signs of wear and replace it if necessary.
  • Keep the flag clean by gently washing it with mild soap and water. 
  • Clean the flagpole regularly, remove dirt or debris, and lubricate any moving parts if applicable. If you notice the flagpole no longer spins or is broken, you can shop our outrigger flagpole product page to order a replacement part.  


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