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Full Product Details of our Outrigger Flagpoles: 


Those looking to attach the ultimate symbol of American freedom to their storefront or small residence can do so seamlessly using our outrigger flagpoles. When paired with the proper hardware, these sturdy, versatile flagpoles attach easily to your wall, column, or street pole. With various options and finishes to explore, you can create a captivating flag display that harmonizes with your surroundings. Place your order online today and experience how our outrigger flagpoles can enhance the beauty and durability of your flag presentation. 

  • Recommended for residential use 
  • Comes in silver, white, or wood-grained finishes 
  • Choose from a spinning pole that rotates 360 or a traditional wood pole that does not rotate or spin 
  • 1" diameter to fit easily into our sleeved American flags
  • Includes two flag collars that easily attach to any of our outdoor state and American flags 
  • Imported


Why Buy Our Outrigger Spinning Pole?  


Our outrigger flagpoles are the ideal choice for residential outdoor flag displays, whether you're proudly flying the U.S. flag or displaying your state's emblem. These wall-mounted flagpoles boast an innovative two-piece design that allows the pole to spin gracefully, preventing the flag from tangling in heavy winds. With a convenient 1" diameter, these poles are perfectly suited for use with our wall brackets. The 5' pole pairs perfectly with 2' x 3' or 2.5' x 4 nylon flags, while the 6' will hang our 3' x 5' nylon flags. Each aluminum pole has stainless-steel snaps, plastic flag collars, and an elegant gold or silver ball top (depending on the pole color).  


These two-piece outrigger flagpoles ensure easy storage and offer portability when needed. Their threaded joint provides a secure, swift, and hassle-free assembly process. Choose our outrigger spinning flagpole for a seamless and graceful flag display experience. 


FAQ - Wall-Mounted Outrigger Flagpoles 


Purchasing a wall-mounted flagpole is the first step to creating your flag display. Read more or contact our Flag Pros for additional information on how to choose the right flagpole for your home.  


1. What is a wall-mounted outrigger flagpole?  


A wall-mounted flagpole is designed to be attached to a vertical surface, such as a building or a wall. It extends horizontally from the wall, allowing a flag to be displayed perpendicular or at a 45-degree angle to the building.  


2. What type of flag goes with this flagpole?  


You can use several types of flags with an outrigger flagpole. A flag finished with a pole sleeve, called a banner-style flag, will slide over your outrigger flagpole. To secure a banner-style flag to your flagpole, simply attach the leader tab to the clip at the top of the pole. Grommeted flags can be attached using the complimentary flag collars. Most of our outdoor state and American flags come with grommets.  


As far as flag fabric is concerned, we recommend flying nylon flags on outrigger flagpoles. Polyester flags can become heavy when wet and can cause this type of pole to break. A 2'x3' or 2.5'x4' flag works best for 5' poles, while a 3'x5' is recommended for larger, 6' flagpoles.  


3. What do I need to buy to hang my flag?  


To create a nice house flag or porch flag display, you must purchase specific hardware alongside your flag. Purchase a flagpole bracket to attach your flagpole to your wall.  


4. What are the benefits of using a wall-mounted outrigger flagpole?  


Wall-mounted outrigger flagpoles are ideal when space is limited or traditional in-ground flagpoles are not feasible. They allow you to prominently display a flag without requiring additional ground space and are less expensive than in-ground flagpoles.  


5. Can I adjust the angle of the flag on a wall-mounted outrigger flagpole? 


That depends on the bracket that you purchase to go with the flagpole. We offer some that are stationary angles and some that are adjustable.  


6. How difficult is the installation process for wall-mounted flagpoles? 


Outrigger flagpoles are easy to assemble and install. Just screw the two pole pieces together and insert into your mounted wall bracket.  


7. Are there any specific maintenance requirements?  

Regular maintenance is minimal. You may need to periodically check the brackets, support arms, and the flag itself for any signs of wear or damage. Additionally, cleaning the flag and flagpole to remove dirt and debris can help prolong their lifespan.  


8. Can I install multiple flagpoles on the same wall?  


Yes, you can install multiple flagpoles on the same wall, provided there is enough space and proper arrangement.   


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Flag sets  


Set the mark for the perfect American flag display when you purchase our Deluxe Beacon® Flag Set. This set has everything you need to correctly display the flag, including an attachable solar light to keep your flag shining brightly at night, plus our signature Beacon® Nylon American Flag. Those needing hardware for their state or military flag should consider our flagpole and bracket sets — available in two heights and four finishes.  




You will need the right flagpole bracket to attach your flagpole to your wall. Depending on your needs, You can use a fixed-angle flagpole bracket or an adjustable one.  




Any flag measuring 3' x 5', 2.5' x 4, or 2' x 3' will harmonize perfectly with this versatile flagpole. Our extensive collection includes an array of state flags, military flags, and customizable flags available in these sizes. This means you can effortlessly create captivating flag displays at your home, showcasing your unique style and affiliations. 


Explore Carrot-Top's Unique Offerings!  


We're thrilled to provide a wide range of top-quality products suitable for both businesses and individuals. Our commercial-grade flagpoles create impressive displays, and we have plenty of flag accessories to go with them. If you need help finding the right items, our Flag Pro team is here to help you. Just contact us, and we'll guide you to the perfect solutions. Your satisfaction is our priority. 

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