Multipurpose Flag Pole Holder / Bracket

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Full Product Details of our Multipurpose Flagpole Holder:  

Attaching an American flag to a streetlight or lamppost effectively adds class to your city streets. Sometimes known as an electric way bracket, the multipurpose flagpole bracket is an offset flagpole mount that attaches easily to utility poles.

  • Designed to hold any 1” outrigger flagpole  
  • Displays the flag at a 35-degree angle  
  • Measures 6 ½" height x 2 7/8" width at base   
  • Thumbscrew included to secure flagpole  
  • Imported product 


Why Buy a Multipurpose Flagpole Holder?  


Our multipurpose aluminum flagpole bracket will make setting up your residential or commercial flag display worry-free. These flagpole holders are designed for heavy-duty use and are essential for installing any wall-mount flagpole. Pair with any of our outrigger metal flagpoles. Then use stainless steel bands or screws to attach to your preferred wall or surface. Each flag holder is made of cast aluminum for commercial applications. 


FAQs Regarding Multipurpose Flagpole Holders 


Contact our Flag Pros if you have additional questions related to our multipurpose flagpole holders. 


  1. What products do I need for my wall-mounted flag display?


This flagpole bracket is compatible with any outrigger flagpole with a 1” pole diameter. To attach your flagpole and flagpole holder to your wall, you will need to visit your local hardware store to select the correct screws for your wall. We recommend purchasing stainless-steel bands if mounting to a utility pole or streetlight. 


  1. How do I install a wall-mount display?


You are ready to hang the flag after attaching your flagpole holder to your wall using the correct type of screws and anchors. For flags with a pole sleeve, simply slip the flagpole through the pole hem and attach the clip at the top to the tab inside the sleeve. Grommeted flags will need to be attached using flag collars.  

We also carry Metropolitan™ Pre-Mounted Flag Sets to save you time on flag assembly. These sets include a US flag and a spinning flagpole compatible with our multipurpose flagpole holder. Those wishing to hang their flag at home should purchase our Beacon® American flag kits with our signature Beacon® nylon flag. 


  1. Do you recommend using this bracket indoors?


This bracket is designed for outdoor use only. For indoor use, such as in an office or classroom, we recommend using the classroom wall bracket to attach a flag to your wall. While designed for classroom flags, these brackets work with any flag staff that’s 5/8” in diameter. 


  1. How do I put a wall-mounted flagpole at half-staff?


Wall-mounted flags cannot be displayed at half-staff. Consider purchasing a mourning bow to express your solidarity in times of mourning. 


Check Out Our Other Flagpole Mounting Brackets! 


Our stainless-steel flagpole bracket is great for mounting a 6’ flagpole at a 30-degree angle. Our adjustable brackets are also great if you need to adjust the angle of your display. See our flagpole mounting bracket category for your full list of options. 


What Other Flagpoles Does Carrot-Top Sell?  


Carrot-Top’s full selection of residential and commercial flagpoles includes in-ground aluminum flagpoles, fiberglass flagpoles, and telescopic flagpoles with swivel attachments. We also sell flagpole accessories, like cleats and halyard, giving you everything you need for a spectacular flag display. 


Fly High, Fly Right with Carrot-Top! 


Carrot-Top is the premier provider of patriotic decor for schools, businesses, and government agencies. Shop online to view our comprehensive selection of military flags, stick flags, American flags, and more. Our Beacon® Nylon American Flags are made in the USA and hang beautifully on exterior walls. For answers to your questions or help with checkout, fill out our contact us form to speak with a Flag Pro.

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