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Full Product Details for Our Brigadier™ US Navy Flag Set:

Show respect to those who have served in the US Navy with our Brigadier™ US Navy flag set. These indoor flag sets create immaculate presentations for formal and professional settings while showcasing the colors and emblems of the United States Navy. Our easy-assembly Brigadier™ indoor flag sets have everything you need to display your flag indoors immediately. Keep reading to learn why our Brigadier™ indoor Navy flag sets make ideal indoor and parade flag sets.

  • Easy-to-assemble, high-quality components
  • Removable 8’ flagpole that doubles as an indoor and parade flag display 
  • Includes 3’x5’ nylon flag finished with a pole hem and lined with an elegant gold fringe  
  • Made in the U.S.A 


Why Buy Our Brigadier™ US Navy Flag Set? 

The Brigadier™ Navy flag set boasts extremely high-quality components that create long-lasting displays. Take pride in your indoor flag display when you purchase this all-inclusive flag set! Components include:


Indoor US Navy Flag Set FAQ 


Need help shopping for an indoor flag set? Fill out our contact us form to speak with a Flag Pro.  


1. Can I use this flag set as a parade flag?  


This flagpole set will double as an indoor and parade flag set. To display your US Navy flag at a parade, simply unscrew that flagpole from the flag stand and carry the flagpole upright. If you do not want to display your US Navy flag indoors, purchase our US Navy parade flag set, which comes with a double white parade belt and protective storage cover instead of a flag stand.  


2. What ceiling clearance do I need for the U.S. Navy flag set?  


We recommend displaying this flag set in rooms with a 9’3” ceiling clearance or higher. The flagpole measures 8’, and the battalion lance flagpole topper measures 9”. We recommend having at least a 6” ceiling clearance when displaying your flagpole.  


3. What is the proper order for flying military flags?  


Military flags should fly in the following order when displayed indoors. The United States flag should take the left-most position when viewed from the audience on stage (rightmost from the speaker’s point of view). 

  • United States flag 
  • State flag 
  • POW/MIA flag 
  • U.S. Army flag 
  • U.S. Marine Corps flag US Navy flag 
  • U.S. Air Force flag 
  • U.S. Coast Guard flag 


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