Indoor Marine Corps Flag Kit - Brigadier™

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Full Product Details for Our Brigadier™ US Marine Corps Flag Kit: 


Our indoor Marine Corps flag kits create sophisticated displays on your stage, parade, or any professional setting. Receive all the parts you need to display your Marine Corps flag anywhere inside when you purchase our Brigadier™ indoor flag sets. These military flag sets are easy to assemble and outlast the competition for breathtaking commercial and residential displays!

  • Multi-purpose; works great indoors and in parades!  
  • Includes removable 8’ oak pole with brass screw joint 
  • Beautiful, high-quality components, including a gorgeous 3’x5’ nylon gold-fringe USMC flag. 
  • Made in the U.S.A 


Why Buy Our Brigadier™ US Marine Corps Flag Kit? 


Our Brigadier™ flag sets have the highest quality components of any indoor military flag set. Each flag set is designed to create jaw-dropping flag displays that last for years indoors. Honor the United States Marine Corps when you purchase these stunning flag sets. Click to learn more about each product or to order replacement parts.

Indoor US Marine Corps Flag Kit FAQ 


Have additional questions not answered on the FAQ? Fill out our contact us form to speak with a Flag Pro. They are happy to answer your questions or to help you shop for the right products.  


1. What are the colors on a USMC flag?  


Gold and scarlet are the official colors of the US Marine Corps flag.  


2. What is the meaning behind the Marine Corps emblem?  

The Marine Corps emblem features an anchor, a globe, and a bald eagle holding a ribbon that says “Semper Fidelis” — all iconic symbols of this revered military branch. The eagle stands for the country and its proud history. The globe represents the Marines' worldwide presence and duties. The anchor shows the connection between the Navy and Marine Corps and their joint operations. Together, these symbols represent the Marines' commitment to protecting the nation, serving globally, and upholding values like honor, courage, and commitment. Check out our blog post, All About the Marine Corps Emblem: Design and Meaning, for more information on the official Marine Corps emblem.  


3. Can I use this flag set as a parade flag? 


Each Brigadier™ indoor flag set can be disassembled and used as a parade flag set. To use this flag set in your parade, simply unscrew the flagpole from the weighted base. The flag and pole are lightweight enough to be carried upright. Those wishing to purchase a flag set exclusively for parade use should consider our jointed oak Marine Corp parade pole set 


4. What ceiling clearance do I need to display my indoor Marine Corps flag set?  


To properly showcase this indoor flag kit, make sure you have a ceiling clearance of 9'1" or greater for comfortable display. The flagpole itself measures 8', and the flagpole topper adds another 7" to the height. We recommend having a minimum of 6" of space between the top of your flagpole set and the ceiling to avoid damage.  


5. Is there a specific order for military flags?  


Yes, except for the Coast Guard, you should display each military branch in the order that it was established. Please read our blog, How Properly Display Military Flag Branches, for more details on flag-flying order. 


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Other armed forces’ indoor flag sets 


The jointed oak Marine Corps indoor flag set is a cheaper alternative to the Brigadier™ flag set. Instead of a cast iron floor stand and aluminum flagpole topper, these sets come with a plastic floor stand and spear topper.  


Outdoor military flags 


Outdoor Marine Corps flags come in six flag sizes and three excellent fabrics. Instead of a pole hem finish, these flags come with brass grommets and a strong canvas header built for easy attachment to your outdoor flagpole. We recommend our heavy-duty Patriarch® polyester or Tough Ply-Poly flag if you live an in area with high winds. However, we recommend nylon flags for low-wind areas as they tend to fly easier. Marine Corps nylon flags pair well with our most popular product, Beacon® Nylon American Flags! 


Flag cases 


Showcase the beauty of a folded American flag with a Marine Corps medallion flag case. These flag cases, sized 26”x13”x3.5”, are large enough to fit a 5’x9.5’ casket flag and feature the official seal of the Marine Corps, perfect for honoring a loved one or comrade.  


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