Indoor U.S. Army Flag Kit - Brigadier™

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Full Product Details for Our Brigadier™ Indoor US Army Flag Kit: 


Our Brigadier™ US Army flag sets create classic indoor flag displays that elevate the look of your office, school, or stage. Perfect for people who want to create an indoor Army flag display, this product comes with top-quality, easy-to-assemble components that anyone can put together. Make your special event or parade feel extraordinary with these military flag sets!  

  • Includes a 3’x5’ US Army flag with a pole, guidon army spear topper, floor stand, gold cord, and tassel set.  
  • 8’ brass jointed indoor flagpole that’s removable from the flag stand 
  • Designed for indoor and parade use 
  • Made in the U.S.A 

Why Buy Our Brigadier™ US Army Flag Kit? 

Our Brigadier™ US Army flags with pole create vibrant indoor flag displays that look immaculate for years. As one of our top-selling flagpole kits, Brigadier™ sets contain extremely high-quality parts that customers hold in high regard. Click the links below to learn more about each part or to order separately.


Can I Purchase a Cheaper Army Indoor Flag Set?  


Our Army Oak Jointed Flagpole Set is cheaper than the Brigadier set. Brass jointed sets come with a plastic spear topper and an 8lb gold-plastic floor stand. These flagpole sets also double as parade and indoor flag sets.  


Indoor US Army Flag Kit FAQ 


Fill out our contact us form to learn more about our Brigadier™ indoor military flags sets and to speak with a Flag Pro.  


1. Can I use this flag set as a parade flag? 


The Brigadier™ indoor flag sets serve a dual purpose as parade flag sets. For those interested in using our indoor US Army flag kit during parades, the flagpole can be unscrewed from the base and held upright for display. Those who want a flag set that’s explicitly designed for parade use can buy our jointed oak Army parade pole set. This set includes a plastic flagpole topper, a parade belt, and a storage cover. 


2. What minimum ceiling clearance do I need to display this US Army flag kit? 


To comfortably show this indoor flag kit, you'll need a ceiling clearance of at least 9'1". The flagpole measures 8' in height, and the flagpole topper adds another 7". A gap of around 6" from the top of your flagpole set will help prevent accidentally scraping or damaging your ceiling.  


3. What is the correct military flags flying order? 


Please display your military flags in the following order to avoid violating US flag code. The US flag should hold the left-most position when viewed from the audience.  

  • United States flag 
  • State flag 
  • POW/MIA flag 
  • U.S. Army flag 
  • U.S. Marine Corps flag 
  • U.S. Navy flag 
  • U.S. Air Force flag 
  • U.S. Space Force flag 
  • U.S. Coast Guard flag 


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