U.S. Cemetery Flags

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Full Product Details for our U.S. Cemetery Flags:  


Our U.S. cemetery flags stand as powerful tributes to those who've made immense sacrifices in service to our nation. Crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail, these flags are made from heavyweight treated poly/cotton, ensuring their longevity and resilience against the elements. Proudly displaying the stars and stripes that symbolize the spirit of our great nation, these flags feature a natural wooden dowel and a gilded spear topper. This elegant combination creates a visually striking tribute that can grace gravesites and more. 


  • Heavyweight, treated poly/cotton material, ideal for short-term flag displays 
  • Mounted on natural wooden dowels with a 2 1/4" gilded spearhead top 
  • Available in two flexible sizes: 8"x12" and 12"x18"  
  • Can be placed directly into the ground 
  • Ideal for short-term outdoor use 
  • Effectively decorates gravesites, flowerbeds, wreaths, and beyond 
  • Made in the U.S.A.  


With our cemetery flags, you can craft small-scale American flag displays that radiate patriotism. Alternatively, pair them with our grave markers to create a truly touching tribute to our veterans, forever preserving their legacy. Join us in paying homage to those who have served. Order your  flags today and let their memory fly high! 


Why Buy Your U.S. Cemetery Flags from Carrot-Top?  


Celebrate the legacy of American heroes with our U.S. cemetery flags. These meticulously crafted flags, available in two sizes (8"x12" and 12"x18"), are a symbol of honor and remembrance. Expertly made from durable printed poly/cotton, they feature reinforced sewn edges on all four sides, ensuring longevity and resilience in all-weather outdoor conditions. Crowned with a 2 1/4" gilded spearhead flag topper, they exude both dignity and grace. 

These flags aren't just for decoration; they are a heartfelt tribute. Whether it's the birthday of a dearly departed loved one or a patriotic holiday, these flags stand as a timeless symbol of respect. Weather-tested and built to withstand the elements, our American Cemetery Flags serve as a lasting and fitting tribute for those who served their nation with honor. 

Display your respect and patriotism with these beautiful flags. Order yours today to honor the memory of our nation's heroes. 


Additional Product Information for Our U.S. Cemetery Flags 


Please read below to learn additional product specs for our U.S. stick flags.  


8"x12" flags 


These smaller flags can be placed directly into the ground next to the gravesite of deceased veterans. Three staples securely fasten these flags to their 5/16" diameter wooden dowel, which reaches 24" tall.  


12"x18" flags 


Our larger cemetery flags can be paired with any of our patriotic markers to create a touching tribute to veterans and military personnel. The 3/8" diameter wooden dowel slides easily into the grave markers and reaches approximately 30". Four staples secure each poly/cotton printed flag to the staff, creating a sturdy and durable flag display. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Our U.S. Cemetery Flags 


Do not hesitate to contact our Flag Pros if you have additional questions.  


1. When are U.S. cemetery flags typically placed?  


These flags are often placed on veterans' graves during special occasions such as Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Independence Day. However, they can also be placed during other events or ceremonies that honor military veterans.  


2. What do the cemetery flags symbolize?  


The flags symbolize the nation's appreciation for the veterans' service, sacrifice, and dedication to protecting the country's values and freedoms. They are a way to show respect and honor to those who have served in the armed forces.  


3. Can I use these stick flags for other types of decoration? 


While stick flags are often used to decorate gravesites, many people like to use them as general patriotic decor. You can be very creative when using these flags to decorate. You can use them to line your driveway, decorate your front yard, or enhance your flowerbed. We've even seen people use the smaller flags in wreaths, centerpieces, and other residential decor.  


4. Can I purchase the U.S. cemetery flags in bulk for a veterans' event or cemetery?  


Absolutely! We offer bulk purchasing options for those who wish to obtain a larger quantity of U.S. cemetery flags for events, cemeteries, or other memorial services. Bulk discounts start at 14% off and reach up to 40% for quantities of 10,080 and larger. Order online or contact our Flag Pros to place any bulk orders.  


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