Patriotic Street Pole Banners

Our high-quality Street Pole Banners will line your town streets with a colorful and welcoming feel. These banners are designed to attach to street poles and lamp posts and are the perfect decorations for parades, town events, holidays, and other occasions. We carry a selection of military, patriotic and seasonal banners, as well as all of the banner hardware that you need to keep your banners standing strong and looking great in any season.

Most of our street pole banners come in the standard 30" x 60" size, but some are available as large as 30" x 84". Our light pole banners look best on posts of at least 18' tall, so make sure you take size into account when choosing your perfect banner. Take a look at our wonderful selection of Military and Patriotic banners.

These banners are made with durable, waterproof vinyl that resists rips and tears and is printed with UV-resistant ink that will hold onto its rich color. Pair our patriotic banners with one (or several) of our beautiful U.S. flags to celebrate America! Take a look at our Comprehensive Street Banner Buying Guide for inspiration and tips on creating your own custom banner.

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Select up to 4 items to compare.