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Indoor American Flag With Gold Fringe (or Without)

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Full Product Details of our American Flag With Gold Fringe for Sale:  

Add a dash of classiness and elegance to any indoor setting with our fringed American flags. Our indoor American flag is made with high gloss, durable 100% nylon and features the finest quality and craftsmanship. These flags are made with durability in mind, so you can be sure that you are buying a product that will last for the long haul.

  • Colorfast and fade-resistant high-quality commercial nylon dye 
  • Embroidered stars and hand-sewn stripes  
  • Four rows of stitching on the fly end; two rows on all other sides  
  • Available with or without fringe  
  • Pole sleeve for easy attachment to a flagpole  
  • Made in the U.S.A. 

Why Buy Our American Flag With Gold Fringe for Sale?

Learn why our indoor American flags stand the test of time and typically exceed the industry's standard lifespan.

Quality Craftsmanship  

Our indoor flag is made of nylon, a durable fabric ideal for a long-term indoor display. This U.S. flag features densely embroidered, reinforced stars, hand-sewn, lock-stitched stripes, and a fray-resistant hem.

Many Available Sizes for Every Occasion  

Carrot-Top's indoor American flags are available in six sizes. After selecting the flag size that best meets your needs, pair it with an indoor flagpole. Below are sizing recommendations for pairing indoor flags with flagpoles:

  • 2'x3' flag with a 6' flagpole  
  • 2.5'x4' flag with a 7' flagpole  
  • 3'x5' flag with a 7' to 8' flagpole  
  • 4'x6' flag with a 9' flagpole  
  • 4.33'x5.5' flag with a 9' flagpole  
  • 5'x8' flag with a 12' flagpole  

Easy to Use 

Our indoor United States flags are extremely easy to handle because of their lightweight fabric. Attach the pole hem to your oak pole for the perfect indoor flag display in minutes. You can even add a flag spreader to show off the fine details of your flag. Hoping to add a dash of formality to your school function or event? Count on our indoor American flags to make a difference! 

Available with or without Fringe 


FAQ About our American Flag With Gold Fringe for Sale 

Contact our Flag Pros if you have any additional questions. They can help you find the ideal indoor flag for your needs. 

1. What do these American flags with gold fringe have to offer? 

Our fringed American flag features a bright gold rayon fringe, a cotton-lined pole sleeve and either a Velcro™ or a leather tab for fastening the flag to a flagpole. Gold-fringed American flags are often used as parade flags, displayed in official ceremonies, and placed in offices. Though it is not required, fringe enhances the beauty of the flag. The military and government have unofficially used fringed indoor American flags for years.  


2. Is a flag without fringe a better option for me? 

Select an indoor American flag without fringe to either match an existing flag set or fit an existing indoor flagpole. Like our fringed flag, the pole sleeve of our non-fringed U.S. flag is lined with cotton for added strength, and it includes a tab inside the top of the sleeve so that the flag can be fastened easily to a flagpole.  

3. Should I buy my indoor U.S. flag alone or as part of a presentation set? 

We recommend our indoor American flag sets if this is your first time purchasing an indoor flag. Our oak flagpole indoor flag set has everything you need to display your American flag indoors. Components of this U.S. flag set include our signature Beacon® Nylon American Flag, oak flagpole, gold cord with tassel, plastic eagle flagpole topper, and weighted base floor stand. You can also order the deluxe indoor flag set for upgraded components, including an aluminum eagle flagpole finial and a gold-finished base. 


4. Can I use an outdoor flag for an indoor display? 

You can use your outdoor flag on an indoor flag display, provided you have the correct hardware. Use flag collars to mount your outdoor flag to any 1" indoor flagpoles.

5. What are the guidelines for displaying the American flag indoors? 

When displaying your flag indoors, always place the stars facing forward. The flag should stand to the speaker's right (audience's left) when displayed on a stage. The American flag should be in the rightmost position in a group of flags. Check out our flag display guide to learn more about indoor flag etiquette. 

6. What other indoor flags does Carrot-Top sell? 

In addition to our indoor American flags, Carrot-Top has a huge selection of indoor state flags, military flags, POW-MIA flags, world flags, and more. 


Let Carrot-Top Assist You Today!  

Carrot-Top also offers a broad range of American flags and other flag-related products, including our best-selling Beacon® Nylon American Flags and Patriarch® Polyester American Flags. Browse our website to view our huge selection of historical flags, custom flags, civil service flags, stick flags, classroom flags, and more! 

With over 40 years of knowledge and experience, our Flag Pros are thrilled to assist you in placing an order or answering any questions. Order online or schedule a convenient consultation through our contact us form. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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