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Full Products Details of our Indoor American Flag Set: 


For a courtroom, office, classroom, or auditorium, our American indoor flag sets featuring a jointed oak flagpole perfectly display the American flag. This indoor U.S. flag set and pole kit gives you everything you could need to set up the flag in a proper, dignified fashion. Choose your flagpole height based on the height of your ceiling for an indoor flag display that fits the proportions of your room. See the bullet points for more information:

  • Comes in flag sizes 3’x5’, 4’x6’, or 5’x8’ based on the height of your flagpole 
  • Includes a Beacon® nylon flag with vivid colors that won't fade over time, a gold cord with tassel, an ornamental gold-finished eagle, and a weighted base for stability 
  • Two-piece flagpole comes in 7', 8', 9' or 12' heights  
  • Flagpole, cord, and flag proudly made in the USA 


Why Buy an Indoor American Flag Set with Jointed Oak Flagpole? 


With a polished finish and brass or chrome joint, the jointed oak flagpole has long been regarded as a standard, traditional flagpole for indoor or parade use. The indoor pole has two parts with a joint that screws securely into place. 

This kit includes everything you need in an indoor American flag and pole kit. Components vary depending on the kit size. See below for more information. 

7’ indoor flagpole kit


These flag kits are 1 ¼" diameter and comes with the following components: plastic eagle ornament, cord with 5" gold tassel,solid jointed oak-finished flagpole,3’x5’ indoor American flag with gold fringe, and an 8lb plastic-plated floor stand. Available in brass finish only.  

8’ indoor flagpole kit 


1 ¼" in diameter. Comes with the same components as the 7’ flagpole. Available in two finishes: chrome and brass.

9’ indoor flagpole kit 


1 ¼" in diameter. Comes with a plastic eagle ornament, cord with 6” tassel, 4’x6’ indoor American flag with gold fringe, 8lb plastic-plated floor stand. Available in chrome and brass finishes.  

12’ indoor flagpole kit 

Comes in a larger diameter (1 3/8”). Includes the following components: aluminum eagle topper, cord with 6” gold tassel, 5’x8’ indoor American flag with gold fringe, and 15lb plastic-plated floor stand. 


Certain accessories will match the finish of the flagpole you selected. Flagpoles are also available in a 1" diameter upon special request. 


Need to Replace the Flag on Your Flag Set? See Our Indoor American Flags 


Each U.S. flag set comes equipped with a vibrant indoor American flag. These stunning USA flags last for years indoors and feature sewn stripes, a lined pole hem, and densely embroidered stars. Carrot-Top also sells indoor United States flags separately from a flag set. This product is perfect if you already have an indoor flagpole and just need to replace the flag. 


Indoor Flag Set Frequently Asked Questions 


See a question we didn't answer regarding our indoor American flag and pole kit? Fill out our contact us form to speak with a Flag Pro. 


1. What size indoor flag set should I buy? 


When choosing a flagpole for your indoor display, please allow 12" ceiling clearance to accommodate the eagle ornament easily. Generally, you want to keep your indoor flagpole proportional to the size of your room or space. The standard ceiling height for a room or office is eight feet; our 7' pole works well for rooms with minimum ceiling height. However, if you plan to display your flag in a more open space, you may want to consider purchasing a taller indoor flagpole. 


2. How do I display an American flag indoors? 


There are a few general guidelines for displaying your American flag indoors. Always display with the stars facing forward. The flag should stand to the speaker's right (audience's left) when displayed on stage. When standing in a group of other flags, the American flag should always be to the left of all other flags, including state and military flags. Check out our flag display guide for more information. 


3. How do I install my indoor flag set?  


Each indoor flag set comes with detailed installation instructions to make set up easy. We also have a video providing detailed instructions for setting up your indoor flag display.  

4. What is the difference between indoor and outdoor flags? Can I use my outdoor flag set indoors? 


Indoor flags are designed to the displayed indoors in a more controlled environment. As a result, they are constructed with lightweight material and a lined pole sleeve for easy attachment to your indoor flagpole. While the floor stand has enough weight to hold the indoor flag in place, it is not designed for wind. Additional elements, such as gold fringe and tassel, add formal elegance.  

On the other hand, outdoor flags can withstand outdoor weather conditions for months. These flags feature rust-resistant brass grommets and a strong canvas header. They are typically hung using halyard rope and constructed of heavy-duty material such as polyester. 

While outdoor flags can be used indoors, they are not typically recommended. The brass grommets will not attach to our indoor flag poles. Additionally, heavy materials like polyester can sometimes break mounted flag poles.

5. Can I purchase a different ornament for my indoor flag set?


Carrot-Top carries a massive selection of indoor flag toppers in various finishes. In addition to our plastic eagles, we sell spear toppers, guidon toppers, crosses, spears, ball toppers, and more! Visit our flagpole toppers to learn more! If purchasing an ornament for an indoor flagpole not purchased from Carrot-Top Industries, please call our Flag Pros for additional assistance. You may need to buy an adaptor for it to fit.

6. How do I care for my indoor American flag and pole kit? 


To care for your indoor flag set, regularly clean your flag and pole. You should also periodically check the flagpole and stand for any signs of wear or damage and make repairs as necessary. Read our blog on how to correctly wash your flag for more information.

7. What is the purpose of a flag spreader?  

Often indoor flags can appear limp due to the lack of wind indoors. An adjustable flag spreader makes it easier to display the design of your flag by attaching wide, umbrella-like arms anywhere to the flag.

8. What other indoor flag sets does Carrot-Top sell? 


Carrot-Top carries an unmatched selection of American and state flag sets. These flags are ideal for display in your school, church, or office. See our indoor U.S. flag set category page for the complete selection of U.S. flagpole kits. We recommend our value U.S. flag sets if you are looking for a more economic flagpole set option. You can also choose from our selection of mounted American classroom flags if you are looking for an indoor flag to hang in your school or classroom. 


Level Up Your Indoor Decor with Carrot-Top Industries 


Carrot-Top Industries has over 40 years of experience specializing in flags and other decorative patriotic products. Our Beacon® nylon outdoor American flags — and many other products — are 100% made in the U.S.A. and outlast the competition. Order online to start the checkout process today. Don't hesitate to contact a Flag Pro if you need additional assistance. 

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