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Mounted Classroom American Flag

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Full Product Details for American Flags for the Classroom 


The mounted classroom U.S. flags are tailor-made for all classroom settings. The pre-mounted flags come with a printed flag attached to a wooden dowel or black staff with a plastic spear tip and fit right into a wall mounting bracket.* 

Available in three different sizes and three flag materials, these classroom American flags are perfect for indoor use in long-term flag displays. Flag materials include poly-knit, 70 denier nylon, and poly-cotton blend for indoor use only. 

Please note that our 12”x18” flags come in sets of 12, meaning a purchase of one quantity gives you 12 flags. 

See the bullets below for more detail on each classroom flag size: 

  • 12"x18" mounted American flags for classrooms feature a printed flag design mounted to a black wooden dowel rod measuring 3/8" x 30"    
  • 2'x3' mounted classroom flags feature a printed flag design mounted to a natural wooden dowel rod measuring 7/16"x48"    
  • 16"x24" mounted classroom flags feature a printed flag design mounted on a black wooden dowel rod measuring 3/8"x36"    
  • All come with a gilded gold spear top to finish  

** Please note that the flag holder pictured is sold separately. This classroom bracket fits 12”x18” and 16"x24" classroom flags. 2'x3' classroom flags should use our "DD" flagpole bracket 

What Flag Material Should I Order for My Classroom? 

All three fabrics are great materials for classroom American flags and present a cheaper alternative to our standard American flag fabrics.  


  • Nylon classroom flags: 70-denier nylon is a lightweight but strong synthetic fabric made from nylon fibers. It is lighter in weight and thickness than our 200-denier Beacon® nylon American flags (denier refers to the weight and thickness of the fabric). 
  • Poly-knit classroom flags: These flags are similar to the 70-denier nylon flags but are more rigid and have a matte finish.
  • Poly-cotton classroom flags: These flags give you the traditional feel with the same versatility as cotton. Featuring fibers that are soft to the touch, poly-cotton is durable, wrinkle-resistant, and an excellent material for indoor American flags.


What Other Flags Can I Use to Decorate My Classroom?

Spruce up your classroom with classroom American flags and more. Teachers can choose from our huge selection of historical flags, which include Betsy Ross flags and other historical United States flags or buy a world flag to celebrate other cultures. If you want to celebrate your school mascot, our economical custom banners make the perfect classroom banners. 

We also have products that are perfect for decorating your desk or bookshelf. Order an American desk flag or a miniature flag that matches your state or favorite military branch, whether it’s the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, or Coast Guard. Carrot-Top has it all! 

What Other Products Should I Buy for My School?   

In addition to our classroom American flags and other indoor flag products, Carrot-Top’s flags and custom products are sure to meet the needs of your school. Our outdoor American flags come in over a dozen sizes and quality fabrics. Our heavy-duty Patriarch® polyester and lightweight, all-weather Beacon® nylon American flags will fly outside your school building far longer than competitor flags and are 100% made in the USA. Purchase American flags from the country’s top flag makers, including Annin, Valley Forge, and Eder Flag, when you shop at Carrot-Top! 

Need flags for your stage or auditorium? Purchase an indoor U.S. flag set, military flag set, or state flag set to add distinction to your schoolwide events. Our flag sets include a flagpole, a gold-fringed flag, and a complimentary gold tassel. You can also purchase our military flags as part of a parade flag set. Those include a carrying belt so you can showcase the flag at your next parade or football game. Carrot-Top also carries mini-American stick flags you can wave around at your next pep rally. Make your school events stand out with products from Carrot-Top Industries. 

Other Frequently Asked Questions  


Have any other questions regarding the display of the American flag in the classroom? Fill out our contact us form to speak with a Flag Pro today!

 1. Is it mandatory for schools to display the U.S. flag in classrooms?

It depends. Certain states and school districts have laws requiring the display of the American flag in the classroom. Other states leave it up to the teacher. 

2. Are there specific rules or guidelines for displaying the U.S. flag in classrooms? 

There are specific rules and guidelines for displaying the U.S. flag in classrooms. The classroom American flag should always be placed to the speaker’s right (observer’s left) and above the speaker’s head. Also, the U.S. flag should never touch the ground. 

3. Can schools display flags of other countries in classrooms? 

Schools can display flags of other countries in classrooms, but it should be done respectfully and appropriately. Do not place your American flag for the classroom above flags of other nations and vice versa. That is considered disrespectful. 

4. Is the flag suitable for educational purposes?

Absolutely! The flag is an excellent educational tool to teach students about the United States, its history, and the values it represents. It can serve as a visual aid during lessons about patriotism, citizenship, and the national anthem. 

5. How do I care for the flag to ensure its longevity? 


To ensure the flag's longevity, avoid exposing it to sunlight for prolonged periods, as this can cause fading. Since this flag is made for indoor use primarily, avoid hanging it outside for extended time periods. Regularly dust the flag to prevent buildup of dirt or debris.  


Spread Patriotic Pride at Your School with Carrot-Top Flags!


Carrot-Top Industries has an unmatched selection of American flag products well-suited for your school or classroom. With many of our products made in America, you can cherish your U.S. or state flags for years due to their unmatched quality and craftsmanship. We also have several custom products that make decorating your school possible in one location. Fill out the contact us form to learn how we can exceed your expectations! 

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