Cemetery U.S. Stick Flags With Pointed Staff

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Full Product Details for our U.S. Stick Flags:  


Create a heartfelt and lasting tribute to our nation's heroes with our U.S. cemetery flags featuring a pointed staff. These flags are more than symbols; they are a powerful way to honor our veterans' dedicated service. Crafted from durable materials, these flags withstand the test of time. Our cemetery flags offer cemetery caretakers, memorial organizers, and individuals seeking to pay their respects a simple yet profound way to honor those who served. Use them alone or combine them with other products to create tributes that truly capture the essence of a hero's dedication to our country. Join us in showing gratitude and preserving their memory today when you order our U.S. stick flags. 

  • Made from a quick-drying and water-resistant poly-cotton blend 
  • Mounted on natural wooden dowels that are shaved to a point, making it easy to place these flags directly into the ground.  
  • Two flag sizes, 8"x12" and 12"x18", measuring 24” and 30” inches tall respectively 
  • Ideal for short-term outdoor use  
  • Gilded spear tip for an elegant and classy display 
  • Hemmed on all four sides to prevent fraying and tearing 
  • Made in the U.S.A.  

Why Buy our U.S. Stick Flags?  


Displaying our U.S.A. stick flags effectively demonstrates your respect and patriotism. Use these flags to commemorate our nation's heroes and celebrate patriotic occasions like Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Labor Day, and Veterans Day. Crafted to be durable, these flags are the perfect choice for grand patriotic observances. They feature stitching on all four sides and are crowned with a majestic 2 1/4" gold spear flag topper, adding a touch of prestige to every display. Fashioned from a durable poly-cotton blend, each flag is mounted to a wooden staff. These staffs are shaved to a point for effortless ground attachment, making setup and takedown a breeze.  


Join us in honoring our heroes and celebrating our nation's pride. Choose our U.S. Stick Flags for a display that exudes respect, resilience, and patriotism. Order now and elevate your tribute to the next level! 


Additional Product Information for Our American Stick Flags 


Continue reading for more information about our U.S. stick flags with pointed wood staff.  


Stick flag 8”x12”  


These compact flags can be easily inserted into the ground beside the graves of fallen veterans. They're firmly attached to their 3/8" diameter wood stick with three staples, extending to a height of 21 3/4". 


Stick flags 12”x18”  


These flags consist of a 12"x18" flag affixed to a wooden dowel, measuring 27 ¾" x 3/8" with four staples. Altogether, the 12"x18" American stick flag reaches a height of 30". 


FAQ - U.S. Stick Flags 


Our Flag Pros can help answer any questions about our American stick flags. Order online or fill out our contact us form to place a bulk order today!  


1. How are these flags different from regular flags?  


United States flags on a stick with pointed staff are meant for cemeteries. They feature a pointed staff that goes easily into the ground near gravesites. This design ensures the flag remains upright and visible during memorial services or visits to graves. 


2. Can I use these flags outdoors?  


Yes, these flags are made with durable materials that can withstand outdoor conditions in the short term. They are water-resistant and remain in good condition even in various weather conditions.  


3. How do I properly place these flags in a cemetery?  


To place these flags, insert the pointed staff into the ground near the gravesite. Make sure not to disturb any existing grave decorations or markers. 


4. Are these flags appropriate for any specific occasions? 


These flags are often used during Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day, and other patriotic events. Using them respectfully honor veterans and loved ones who have served in the military. Civilians can also display these flags in their private homes to express their patriotism during the Fourth of July or other holidays. 


5. Can I purchase these flags in bulk?  


We provide bulk purchase options for those who need large quantities of U.S. cemetery flags. You can enjoy bulk discounts starting at 7% off, with even greater savings of up to 38% for quantities of 10,080 or more. You can place your bulk order online or get in touch with our Flag Pros for help. We automatically apply your discount to qualifying orders.  


6. How should I properly dispose of these flags once they're no longer in good condition?  


Like traditional U.S. flags, it's important to dispose of these flags with proper respect. You can follow the standard flag disposal protocol, which typically involves burning the flag in a dignified manner. Many veterans' organizations and American Legion posts offer flag disposal services and ceremonies. 


7. Are these flags suitable for handing out at patriotic events? 


If you are looking to hand out American flags at an event, we have many products that we recommend purchasing instead. Our cemetery flags come in sizes ideal for displays on gravesites, but many prefer handing out smaller flags at their events. Our economical mini American flags, for example, come in several styles customized for your needs. Cotton flags have no tip, making them great for handing out at events with small children. We also recommend checking out our safety-style handheld stick flags. These flags have a ball tip that is great for children. View our small American flag category page for the full list of hand-held American flags options. 


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