Cemetery American Stick Flags Without Stitches

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Full Product Details for Our No Fray American Stick Flags:  

Celebrate the unwavering dedication of our brave American soldiers with our no-stitch cemetery flags, also known as grave marker flags. Crafted from robust poly/cotton material, these flags are thoughtfully chemically treated along their edges to prevent fraying and tearing, ensuring they stand the test of time. Available in two versatile sizes and crowned with an elegant gold spear flag topper, these flags are not only a symbol of respect but also a visually striking tribute that can withstand outdoor elements in the short term. Choose our American stick flags without stitches and embrace the perfect blend of class and durability for your budget-friendly tribute today! 

  • Made from printed American flags on durable poly/cotton material 
  • Mounted on wooden dowels that slip easily into our grave markers 
  • Available in two versatile flag sizes, measuring 8”x12” and 12”x18” 
  • Topped with an elegant gold spear tip for added visual appeal 
  • Cost-effective alternative to other U.S. stick flags 
  • Made in the U.S.A. 

Why Buy American Stick Flags Without Stitches?  

Our U.S. cemetery flags serve multiple meaningful purposes. They are a touching way to adorn the grave sites of deceased U.S. veterans and pay a heartfelt tribute to their service. Beyond this, they offer a cost-effective means to decorate your town, city, or home with the beloved colors of Old Glory. These flags make perfect giveaway items on patriotic holidays such as the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and more. 

What sets our U.S.A. stick flags without stitches apart is their unique design featuring chemically treated fabric instead of hemmed ends. This innovation reduces their price and ensures they remain free from fraying and tearing, creating enduring displays even in outdoor weather. Each flag is mounted on a wood stick and topped with a majestic 2 1/4" gold spearhead. As one of the most high-quality stick flags on the market, these flags offer durability and elegance at an affordable cost. 

U.S. stick flags are more than just your standard patriotic decoration; they create heartfelt tributes to veterans and showcase your unwavering patriotism. These flags embody respect, resilience, and honor. Join us in celebrating our heroes and elevating your displays to new heights. Add these flags to your shopping cart to take your tribute to the next level! 

Additional Product Details for No Fray American Stick Flags 

Read more to learn about each size of U.S. cemetery flag for sale.  

No Fray Stick Flags 8”x12” 

No stitch American stick flags feature a 21 3/4”x5/16” natural wood staff for traditional in-ground use. When factoring in the 2 1/4” gold spear top, this stick flag measures 2’ or 24” tall. Its printed U.S. flag is secured to the staff with three staples.  

No Fray Stick Flags 12”x18” 

Choose our larger U.S. stick flag if you want something to pair with our bronze, plastic, or aluminum grave markers. This flag, which measures 27 3/4”x3/8”, is attached to the staff with four staples and measures 30” when you include the 2 1/4” spear tip. 12”x18” cemetery flags are well-matched with our specialized grave markers to create personalized patriotic tributes.  

FAQ - No Fray American Stick Flags 

Read this short FAQ to learn more about our American stick flags without stitches.  

1. How are these flags different from regular stitched flags?  

Unlike regular stitched flags, our no-fray cemetery American stick flags use a special manufacturing process that eliminates visible stitches along the edges. This creates a seamless and polished look, enhancing the overall presentation.  
2. Where can I use American stick flags?  

While these flags are commonly used in cemeteries to honor veterans and loved ones, they can also be used for various patriotic displays, events, parades, and as decorative items.  

3. Can I purchase these flags in bulk for a memorial event?  

Absolutely, we offer bulk purchasing options for memorial events, ceremonies, or any occasion that requires large quantities of American stick flags. Please contact our Flag Pros or order online to start your large order. Bulk orders start at 7% off for quantities of 143 and larger. Our website automatically applies these discounts to qualifying orders.  

4. Can I track my order?  

Yes, once your order is processed and shipped, you will receive a tracking number via email. If you are a registered customer with a Carrot-Top account, you will be able to monitor the status and estimated delivery date of your package.  

5. Do these stick flags make good hand-held flags?  

Our 8”x12” stick flags make excellent hand-held flag displays, perfect for handing out at parades and patriotic holidays. 

Shop Other Styles of American Stick Flags! 

Browse our online store to learn about our expansive collection of US stick flags, grave markers, and military flags 

Other styles of stick flags 

We offer two options for our American stick flags: those with stitches and those without. The stitched stick flags feature a hemmed edge, providing extra durability and preventing fraying and tearing. If you require flags that can be easily planted in the ground without a grave marker, consider ordering our hemmed US stick flags with a pointed staff for swift and hassle-free installation. We also sell stick flags that feature each US military branch's official colors and emblems, including the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Shop online or call our Flag Pros to learn how you can truly personalize the gravesite of your loved one today! 

Grave markers 

Celebrate the memory of your cherished one with a grave marker that beautifully honors their military dedication. Our markers proudly depict each of the five U.S. military branches and are made from super tough materials such as bronze, aluminum, and plastic. Explore the choices on our grave markers category page to find the perfect tribute. 

Small American flags 

Those who want to hand out flags at their parade or other patriotic event can purchase flags as small as 4”x6” on our small American flag category page. Our selection of hand held stick flags includes safety-style mini American flags with ball tips that are safe for children, economical mini flags with no tip, and standard handheld flags with glided spear toppers. Visit each product page for more information on our in-stock items and to learn which flag is best for your event!  

Patriotism Starts at Carrot-Top! 

Craft unforgettable moments and celebrate our heroes with Carrot-Top. Our wide range of flags, from stick flags to indoor flags and state flags, ensures your tribute is truly special. Connect through our contact us form for a seamless shopping experience guided by our Flag Pro team. 

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