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Full Product Details of our U.S. Mini Table Flags:  



Adorn your space with the colors of Old Glory when you purchase our mini table flags. Perfect for desks, shelves, or any tabletop, these small but stately flags are a simple yet powerful way to celebrate your love for the country. Enhance the atmosphere of any room with a symbol of American heritage, available in classic design or with the added elegance of gold fringe. 


  • Crafted from durable 70 denier nylon with four sewn edges 
  • Securely mounted to a black plastic staff 
  • Topped with a gold spear for a classic and dignified look 
  • Available in three styles: 4" x 6" with fringe, 4" x 6" without fringe, and 8" x 12" without fringe 
  • Table bases not included  
  • Made in the U.S.A. 


Why Buy Our U.S. Mini Table Flags?  


Mini American flags open up a world of decorating potential for any space. One pack of these flags can effortlessly turn a plain area into a vibrant celebration of patriotism. They are perfect for bringing a touch of national pride to any setting, from a tradeshow booth to a festive cocktail table, a stately bookshelf, or an office desk. Not only do these flags serve as an economical way to adorn your environment, but they also allow you to create stunning displays of homage with our premium fringed option. Embrace the spirit of America with these versatile symbols of unity and freedom. Continue reading to learn more about our size selection and other related products. 


4" x 6" U.S. Mini Flags  


4" x 6" flags present a compact option for decorating your space. Made from enduring 70 denier nylon and hemmed on all four sides, these mini U.S. flags create durable, long-lasting displays indoors. Order each flag lined with an elegant gold fringe to enhance the formality of your space.  


  • Available with or without gold fringe 
  • Mounted to a 10" x 3/16" D plastic staff with two staples 
  • Pairs beautifully with black or gold plastic table bases (base sold separately) 


8" x 12" U.S. Mini Flags 


Our 8" x 12" will beautifully decorate your table when you want to make a grander statement of patriotism. Each flag is printed with the vibrant colors of Old Glory and crowned with a gold spear topper for added elegance. Order now to add instant patriotism to any space.  



Show Your Respect with Mini Flags 


Mini flags present endless possibilities. Continuing reading to learn more about related products and how you can use our mini U.S. flags to create a respectful patriotic event. 


Mini U.S. table flag sets 


The mini U.S. desk flags require the purchase of a table base in order to stand upright. If you need a base for your mini U.S. flag, consider purchasing our Diplomat U.S. Flag Set. Each order comes with a 4" x 6" non-fringed U.S. flag and a compatible table base. More formal events may require using an Envoy Table Set, which adds an elegant gold fringe to your flag and a glimmering gold table base.  


Other table bases 


Our black plastic table bases can fit up to seven 4" x 6" flags, allowing opportunity for creativity and prideful expressions. Place a mini U.S. military flag in each hole for a compact but respectful tribute to our armed forces. You can also pair your mini U.S. flag with a state flag for pride in your community and country. View our desk flag category page for the full range of possibilities.  


Other small U.S. flags for sale 


At Carrot-Top, we offer mini U.S. flags in various sizes and materials to ensure your next patriotic gathering is imbued with national pride. For those seeking handheld American flags and more, our selection spans sizes from 4" x 6" to 12" x 18". Our economical mini American flags make perfect items for mass events and are ideal as memorable giveaways. 


Don't hesitate to reach out if you're still contemplating the right choice for your needs. Fill out our Contact Us Form, and we'll assist you in selecting the perfect flag to meet your vision and budget. 


Fly with Confidence: Embrace the Carrot-Top Legacy  


Embrace the enduring legacy of American craftsmanship with Carrot-Top. With over 40 years in the business, our name has become synonymous with trust and quality, serving everyone from schools to military bases to government offices. Our American flags are made right here in the U.S.A. and certified by the FMAA. When you shop with us, you're not just buying a flag — you're supporting American jobs and craftsmanship. Choose Carrot-Top for a flag that lasts and service you'll love. Get your American flag from us today and fly it with pride! 

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