Fiberglass Flagpole Ornament With Revolving Truck

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Perfect for a fiberglass flagpole 20' to 60' tall, these simple fiberglass ornaments fit snugly over the 2 ½" top of the pole. It incorporates a white revolving truck which works well with internal or external halyard systems; its metal area allows an easy pass-through for external halyards.

  • Choose from acorn or ball top designs
  • Large enough for easy visibility on a tall flagpole
  • Weatherproof and rustproof fiberglass or Plexiglas material
  • Works well with taller flagpoles
  • Great choice for humid or coastal areas where metals may be prone to rust


Why Buy the Flagpole Ornament with Revolving Truck?

For a traditional touch on a flagpole in a playground or park, the Flagpole Ornament with Revolving Truck is a great addition. The ornament sits on a revolving truck, which allows the flag to rotate freely so it never becomes tangled or wrapped up around the pole itself. A spindle mounts the ornament to the truck and attaching sleeve.

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