Non-Tangle Flag Rod - 3X5' To 8X12' Flags

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Full Product Detail of Our Non-Tangle Flag Rod:

Elevate your flag display with our ingenious non-tangle rods, designed to prevent your flag from wrapping around the flagpole and becoming tangled. With these innovative rods in place, you'll ensure that your flag looks perfect and beautiful at all times during windy days. Don't let tangled flags mar your display; embrace elegance and precision with our non-tangle rods today!

  • Fits flags 3'x5' and larger for display on any outrigger commercial flagpole with halyard
  • Guarantees your flag waves beautifully in the wind
  • Stainless steel and weather resistant 
  • Includes vinyl clamps allow for easy attachment and removal
  • Available in three versatile sizes

Why Buy Our Non-Tangle Rods?

Crafted with the utmost quality, our non-tangle rods feature ultra-sturdy stainless steel paired with steady vinyl clamps. Perfectly suited for flags measuring 3'x 5' and larger, these stainless steel rods are a dependable solution to maintaining a dignified presentation on any commercial outrigger flagpole. 

  • Use the 2 1/2' rod for flags that are 3'x5' or 4'x6'
  • Use the 4' rod for flags that are 5'x8 or 6'x10'
  • Use the 7' rod for 8'x12' flags

Non-Tangle Rod FAQs

Read our FAQ for more information on how to use our non-tangle rods. 

1. How do I install my non-tangle rod?

To use this non-tangle rod, simply attach the hook through the bottom grommet or thimble of the flag and use a snap hook that is already attached to the halyard to clip onto the hole in the non-tangle rod. Then attach the clamp to the bottom of the flag and tighten the wing nut.

2. What size flag should I use for my outrigger flagpole?

Check with your manufacturer on what flag size is best for your commercial-grade outrigger flagpole.

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