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Social Security Administration Flags

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This item is currently out of stock but in production. Product availability can be anywhere from tomorrow to 4-6 weeks. You can still add this item to your order. Note: orders will only be charged or billed when shipment is completed - which may hold up delivery of other in-stock items. Alternatively, you can create two separate orders one for in stock items and/or add your contact details and be notified when items out of stock are back in stock.


The Social Security Administration Flag features the logo of the Social Security Administration on a blue background. The logo has an image of a spread eagle and a shield with the words “SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION" printed in a ring around the insignia.

Our social Security Administration flags are available for indoor and outdoor use in several sizes. Refer the description tab below the product option for more information. To order select your desired options from the drop down menus.

Our Social Security Administration flags are built for use in long term indoor and outdoor displays. The outdoor Social security Administration flags feature a header and grommets for attachment. The brass grommets allow the flag to be attached to an outdoor flagpole with the use of flag snap hooks. The indoor flags are finished with a poles sleeve and a fringe. The indoor social security flags are perfect for use with our indoor and parade flagpoles. Both flags are made of extremely durable nylon fabric. The outdoor flags are available in a 3'x5', 4'x6' and 5'x8' size; the indoor flags are available in a 3'x5' and 4'x6' size. These flag sizes are not official sizes but are examples of when agency flags must match commercially-available flag sizes of other countries of states. Both indoor and outdoor Social Security flags feature digitally printed fade resistant designs.

The Social Security Administration flag features the official seal of the institution in blue white and red colors. The image of the spread eagle is made up of curved blue lines and the letters “USA" in red below it. Directly beneath the eagle is the image of a shield made of blue disconnected straight lines. These lines appear in a pattern to reveal the image of a shield. The image of a spread eagle and shield is prominently featured on many of the governmental seals.

Officially-specified Agency flags are embroidered with a 1 : 1.9 size ratio (e.g sizes like 2'6"x6'7 3/4"). Contact us via email or over the phone at (800)628-3524 for a quote on embroidered officially sized flags.


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