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American Flag with Green Stripe Meaning Explained

Published on
March 31, 2022 at 3:58:06 PM PDT March 31, 2022 at 3:58:06 PM PDTst, March 31, 2022 at 3:58:06 PM PDT

The green stripe American flag is yet another one of the first responder's flags. While the thin blue line is a more well-known flag, there is the thin green line as well, also referring to the line of the first responders sacrificing their wellbeing for the sake of others in moments of grave danger.

In the “green” case, the flag honors conservation personnel, park rangers, border patrol agents, and many more.  

Let’s check out this flag a bit closer and check one more flag with not one, but several green stripes!

The Green Stripe Meaning

Firstly, why is the green stripe right in the middle, and why are the other stripes black and white, as well as the Union? The message is similar to all other first responder flags. The green line flag represents the fight between dark and light, chaos and order, and the thin green line is there to separate the two and bring in law and order.

The People Behind the Green Stripe

We have mentioned several first responders who are appreciated in this way, but there are others too that we think of when we fly the thin green line flag:

  •  Emergency medical technicians
  •  Paramedics
  •  Military police
  •  Animal control officers
  •  AEMT (advanced emergency medical technician) members
  •  Emergency medical professionals
  •  Fish and wildlife officers.

As you can see, it is not just park rangers that are honored with the green stripe but plenty of medical staff as well.

The Position of the Green Line

The thin green line is normally set in the middle unless the flag has other first responders’ colors, in which way it could be above or below the mid center. In addition, sometimes the middle stripe can be split into two colors to honor two services.

Finally, the whole first responder flag needn’t have the common stars and stripes at all. It can be completely black, with a single horizontal green line across its middle, yet convey the same message.

Bonus: American Flag with Green Stripes

Since we’re talking about green on the US flags, let’s also mention one US flag that has not one, but several green stripes. The Union is different as well. This is the NYPD flag, which recently marked its 100th anniversary in 2019. 

The five green and white stripes have a special story as they represent New York City boroughs. The twenty-four stars are dispersed on the Union and they stand for the disparate cities, towns, and villages that initially belonged to the City of New York back in 1898.

Why was the green chosen over blue, for example, as the latter is the color of the police uniform today and we have the thin blue line flag? The green reflects history best since it is the color of the green lanterns. Namely, in 1658, the New Amsterdam night watchmen carried lanterns with green glass and they were the city’s first paid police officers.


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