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How to Choose the Best Flag Pole for High Winds?

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June 23, 2022 at 8:48:24 AM PDT June 23, 2022 at 8:48:24 AM PDTrd, June 23, 2022 at 8:48:24 AM PDT

The best flag pole for high winds is the one you choose according to several important factors. The key here is to bear in mind this is a highly (pun intended) individual decision and reading rave online reviews won’t help much unless that person is living and flying flags in similar conditions to yours.

Therefore, let’s take a look at our brief checklist of things to do or determine before buying a heavy-duty flag pole for high winds.

What’s the Wind Speed?

Naturally, the very first step is researching just how fast that high wind blows in your neighborhood. Find the wind speed ratings and compare them to the residential flag pole specifications online or at the retailers. If unsure, you can always contact the retailer or customer service to make sure. Of course, they are going to ask you additional questions, such as how big a flag you think of flying and whether you wish for a telescopic flag pole, for instance, before giving the final recommendation.

High Wind Frequency

Wind speed is certainly the crucial dealbreaker, but how often you have such high winds in your area can affect your decision too. If strong high winds have record-breaking speeds but are relatively rare in your area, then your choice is much easier. If you get stormy weather often in certain periods and your commercial grade or residential flag poles get worn out easily in the area, then you have to think hard.

Go Telescopic or Regular

It’s a tough choice. Sometimes even the obstructions in the ground can ruin your plans. Generally, a telescopic flag poleis the best flag pole for high winds in cases when you are too worried about leaving the flag flying while you’re on a long vacation, or your area is notorious for storms and you’ve heard stories of flag poles damaging the properties. The big advantage of telescopic flag poles is that you can easily uninstall them and store them neatly in your garage until the next time.

On the other hand, if the appearance of a traditional flag pole in front of your home is the only flag pole in your picture, that is doable too with the right calculations.

Flag Pole Material

Aluminum is one of the most preferred materials, but we’d say coated fiberglass flag poles are an excellent choice for areas with high winds. They are extremely durable and strong, lightweight, and with almost zero maintenance. What is more, they are said to withstand high winds.

The choice of material depends on other factors, such as flag pole height. Hence, for 90’ or taller flag poles, we normally recommend carbon steel pipes.

Word of Warning

You may have chosen the best flag pole for high winds, but you should also learn how to master it. One of the commonly overseen rules is that there are times when the flag should not be lowered.

Usually, it is advised that the flag is taken down when the weather gets stormy or strong, and high winds begin to blow. If you have failed to take down the flag and halyard before the winds reached 30mph, don’t bother taking your American flag down later as the flag pole safety advice says that action is unsafe.

Another thing to take into consideration is the flag size. Take a look at our resource guides to ensure you are getting the proper U.S. flag, state flag, or military flag relative to the height of your outdoor flagpole.

Best Flag Pole for High Winds

All things considered, the best way around this would be to contact us and we will guide you through the flag pole selection process with ease. Don’t worry if you are unable to provide us with all the answers straight away. After a few consultations, you are bound to make the right decision about choosing the best flag pole or flagpole kits for high winds for your home or business. Our aluminum flagpoles also come standard with a lifetime warranty on the shaft and are Made in the USA, which are two fantastic reasons to go with a high-quality Carrot-Top flagpole for your high wind areas. 

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