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New Utah Flag – Background, Design, and Display Tips

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July 25, 2023 at 9:07:11 AM PDT July 25, 2023 at 9:07:11 AM PDTth, July 25, 2023 at 9:07:11 AM PDT

Utah recently made history with a referendum to adopt a new state flag after years of committee hearings and debates. The process started in 2020 during the legislative session S.B. 48, where Utah Senator Daniel McCay co-sponsored a bill establishing a Utah State Flag Task Force. After years of careful consideration, a new flag design for the 45th state in the Union emerged that is both distinctive and eye-catching, bringing pride to Utahns everywhere. 

Why Utah Redesigned its Flag

While redesigning the state flag may seem unexpected, for Utah lawmakers, it was a calculated move born out of necessity. The previous flag’s features were difficult to see, especially when flown from great heights, like atop the Capitol building in Salt Lake City. Sen. McCay explained further, “Utah’s current flag, which is the state’s seal on a blue background [known as an S.O.B.], is similar to nearly 20 other state’s flags. Utah is a very distinctive state, but our current flag blends in with many other state flags. We can do better; the new state flag can be simplified with a design that is both innovative and memorable.”

To better understand the importance of a state flag’s impact, you must begin with vexillology, the study of flags. Experts in this field analyze each state flag design, determining how well it represents the state’s history. Ted Kaye, the author of Good Flag, Bad Flag and the secretary of the North American Vexillological Association (NAVA), put it simply, “The purpose of a flag is to represent something distinctively at a distance. Seals are designed to be on stationary paper, not flying in the breeze 100 feet away where no one can make out the shapes or tiny lettering.” Unfortunately for Utah, the old flag fell short, failing to stand out and ranking an abysmal 58th out of 72 state and province flags in a 2001 vexillology survey


Under the supervision of Republican Sen. McCay, the Utah State Flag Task Force went to work surveying Utahn's views of the current flag and their opinions on the creation of a new one. The results were eye-opening. While half of those surveyed reported being proud of their flag, only a third said they would wear it on their clothing. 36% supported a redesign, a razor-thin majority over the 35% that didn’t, and 29% were indifferent. Overall, all participants stated incorporating Utah’s culture and history was the most important aspect of any flag design, making it a top priority when considering what symbols to include in Utah’s new state flag. 

The Utah Flag Redesign Process 

The flag of Utah redesign process was a lengthy one involving a statewide initiative labeled “More Than Just A Flag,” which would ultimately receive over 44,000 public comments and 7,000 possible design submissions, thanks to the help of media outlets like The Salt Lake Tribune. Ultimately, the Flag Task Force settled on some of the state’s most impactful symbols before submitting the design to the Utah legislature, where it headed to the state capitol for Gov. Spencer Cox to issue an executive order officially adopting the final flag’s design. 

What Does the New Utah Flag Symbolize? 

The new Utah flag features a thoughtful design with symbols representing the state’s history. They include: 

-A central beehive representing prosperity and the state’s nickname as the Beehive State. 

-A blue sky symbolizing tradition, freedom, and knowledge, and Utah’s many lakes. 

-White mountains for Utahn’s idea of home and the mountains that surround their ancestors and Mormon pioneers. 

-A golden hexagon representing the state slogan, “Industry,” the desert landscape, and prosperity. 

-An eight-pointed star symbolizing the Tribal Nation's and the state’s foundation. 

-A red rock valley representing the majestic landscape of Southern Utah.

When is the New Utah Flag Going into Effect? 

The new Utah State flag is set to go into effect in March 2024. For businesses seeking to display the newly adopted flag, Carrot-Top Industries is proud to offer the New Utah outdoor flag, available in stock in three fabrics and seven size options! 

Can I Still Fly My Old Utah Flag? 

When choosing a new state flag, lawmakers were careful to consider the best way to honor the previous flag. The consensus was to name it the historic state flag, ensuring government agencies and businesses could legally display it on their flagpoles year-round. Gov. Cox issued a statement declaring, “As governor, I am proud to issue today an executive order requiring that the current state flag be flown at the Capitol at all times and at all state buildings on certain holidays and special occasions. I am further requesting that, during an upcoming session, the Legislature amend S.B. 31 to require the historic state flag be flown above the new state flag when the two flags are flown together. This will ensure that the historic flag will remain a symbol of our history and strength.” 

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Utah Flag Display Guidelines 

Gov. Cox’s executive order regarding historic and new flag displays states that all state agencies must display the historic Utah flag above the new flag. This includes but is not limited to the following state agencies: 

-Utah State Auditor

-Utah Department of Environmental Quality 

-State Division of Purchasing 

-Utah Department of Natural Resources 

-Utah State Archives 

-State of Utah 

Explore the complete list of all Utah state agencies


In addition, all state agencies must fly the historic Utah flag on the following holidays: 

-Every Sunday 

-New Year’s Day 

-MLK Day 

-Washington and Lincoln Day 

-Memorial Day 

-Juneteenth National Freedom Day 

-Independence Day 

-Pioneer Day 

-Columbus Day 

-Veterans Day 

-Thanksgiving Day 

-Christmas Day 

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