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December 17, 2012 at 2:13:00 PM PST December 17, 2012 at 2:13:00 PM PSTth, December 17, 2012 at 2:13:00 PM PST


Parkwood was originally built in the 1950's as a community for RTP employees to live. Only a few miles outside of downtown Durham, Parkwood was one of the first homeowner's associations ever formed in North Carolina. In 1968 the Parkwood Fire Department was founded and completed their first year of official existence on October 30th, 1969. Today Parkwood Fire Department is one of the largest, most state-of-the-art, highest-rated fire departments in Durham. 


Carrot-Top recently took a trip out to visit with the Parkwood Fire Department, who we supply with many flags and event items. Our newest project with the Parkwood FD is a redesign of their Honor Guard flag, which pays respect to those fallen firefighters who have made the ultimate sacrifice.


Meet Fireman Phil Edwards


While we were at the Parkwood Fire Department we sat down with fireman Phil Edwards, who has been with Parkwood for the last 10 years of his 30 year career. "I've wanted to be a fireman since I was three years old," he says with a grin. "My father used to have to chase me out of the house because I'd be chasing the fire trucks that drove by."


"I have nothing to hide." Fireman Edwards was eager to answer any question we asked, and even some that weren't asked at all. "If I ran for president I'd be fine. Everybody already knows my dirt. There are no skeletons in my closet. My closet is empty." 


Once a Chief for the Long Island Fire Department, Fireman Edwards has settled down in North Carolina with his wife a four children. When talking about the stereotypical difficulties of raising three daughters Edwards just laughs, "No, it's not hard at all. It's easy. Anybody that knows my daughters knows me. Once they know me -- it's not a problem." It's clear that Fireman Edwards takes pride in his children and enjoys being a father. "He's the best thing we've ever done," describing his three year old son. "He's a goofball just like me." 


Our final question for Fireman Edwards was what he was wishing for this Christmas. "Peace. I've got to work on Christmas Eve, so my wish is that we don't get any calls that night. I want it to be a quiet night without anyone getting hurt or killed." 















Holiday Safety Tips


We asked Fireman Phil Edwards to give us a few safety tips to keep in mind during the holiday season. He laid out some helpful guides to make sure everyone can have a fun and safe holiday.


"If you have a real tree keep it watered. They drink water like it's going out of style. You can stick your head down there and hear it slurping." Edwards says dry trees are the source of many house fires. A dry tree and old lights that get hot can be trouble.


"If you're lighting candles for Hanukkah, always be careful with fire, but make sure you blow out your candles before you leave the house." Edwards warns,"You can leave the house with candles lit and come home to ashes." 


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