25' White Fiberglass Flagpole With Hinge Base

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Full Product Details of our Hinged-Base 25 Ft White Fiberglass Flagpole: 

Experience the peak of flagpole engineering with our 25-foot hinged-base white fiberglass flagpole. Crafted from the finest materials, this flagpole boasts unrivaled durability, ensuring your flag soars high in any weather condition. The sleek, glossy gel coat finish enhances the flagpole's visual appeal and provides exceptional protection against the most challenging weather zones. Order today to learn why customers on both coasts rely on our fiberglass flagpoles to create durable, vibrant flag displays.  

  • Excellent for playgrounds, commercial buildings, and two to three-story residences  
  • 4.5" butt diameter that tapers to 2.5" at the top  
  • Withstands winds up to 120 mph unflagged 
  • Easy to remove in preparation for extreme weather 
  • Non-conductive — can never attract lightning 
  • Acorn-style top with a revolving truck for flag 
  • Comes with in-depth instructions to help with install 

Why Buy a 25 Ft Hinged-Base Fiberglass Flagpole?  

Our fiberglass flagpoles are the superior choice for environments where traditional aluminum poles falter. Fiberglass material is corrosion-proof to enhance your flagpole's longevity, especially in coastal areas where salt air can cause aluminum flagpoles to fade or crack. The highlight of our flagpole is its state-of-the-art hinged base. This innovative feature allows for effortless installation, removal, and laying the flagpole flat in extreme weather conditions, significantly reducing the risk of damage and extending its lifespan. This feature is particularly beneficial for playgrounds, commercial venues, and other public displays prone to hurricanes and other extreme weather. 

Beyond its practical advantages, our flagpole is non-conductive, lightweight, and maintains its appearance far longer than its counterparts. We recommend using a 4'x6' flag with this size flagpole or, if you plan to fly two flags, a 3'x5' and a 2'x3' flag. A dual display requires the purchase of additional snap hooks.  

Every 25 ft white fiberglass flagpole with a hinge base includes the following components: 

Learn more about custom color options  

We understand the importance of personalization in representing your institution's identity. That's why we offer custom color options on a special-order basis. To explore these opportunities, don't hesitate to contact us via our Contact Us form for more information. 


Important Information Regarding our Hinged-Base White Fiberglass Flagpoles 


Continue reading to learn how you can prepare to install your fiberglass flagpole with a hinge base.  

How do hinged-base fiberglass flagpoles ship?  

We ship our 25 ft hinged-base fiberglass flagpole via motor freight. We will provide you with detailed instructions on how to receive your flagpole once you place your order. Upon delivery, we strongly advise inspecting the flagpole and its accessories for any potential damage, such as scratches or dents. If there are any issues, please do not accept the delivery and contact our Flag Pros immediately. Do not store the flagpole in its corrugated packaging, as this can create permanent marks on the flagpole. For further details, please refer to our Flagpole Delivery and Installation Guide. 


How do I install my hinged-base fiberglass flagpole? Does Carrot-Top offer installation services?  


Carrot-Top does not offer installation services, but each flagpole purchase includes comprehensive instructions. For your convenience, these instructions are also accessible via our Hinged-Base Fiberglass Flagpole Installation Instructions. These guidelines are easy to follow and designed to help set up your flagpole quickly and safely. 

Need a Slightly Larger Flagpole? Compare These Related Products!  

At Carrot-Top Industries, we understand that every commercial building has its unique requirements when it comes to flagpole sizes. That's why we offer an extensive range of fiberglass flagpoles designed to enhance the visual appeal of your commercial space. 

Our 30 ft hinged-base fiberglass flagpole is a standout choice for buildings between three and four stories high. It balances size and visibility, ensuring your flag makes a dignified and noticeable impact. 

For those with larger commercial buildings, up to seven stories, we recommend our 33 ft hinged-base fiberglass flagpole or 35 ft hinged-base fiberglass flagpole. These taller options ensure your flag is seen from greater distances, making a bold statement of presence and prestige. 

Choosing the right flagpole height can be a nuanced decision. That's why our team of Flag Pros is always ready to assist you. Fill out our Contact Us form for prompt assistance or browse our fiberglass flagpole category page for more information. 

Every Flagpole Needs a Flag!  

Don't forget the flag! For a well-proportioned display, a 4'x6' flag pairs excellently with our range of flagpoles. This size ensures visibility and aesthetic harmony, making your flagpole and flag a cohesive and striking feature of your commercial space. Places with mild to moderate winds should purchase our Beacon® Nylon American Flag, while those in coastal or mountainous areas should consider our heavy-duty Patriarch® Polyester U.S.A. Flag for a long-lasting flag that flies beautifully.   

Let Our Flag Pros Help You!  

Got questions? Please fill out our Contact Us form and one of our Flag Pros will reach out to you! Feel free to browse our full selection of American flags to learn more about starting your first flag display. 

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