European Union Flags

The European Union Flag, contrary to popular belief, is a banner that represents all Europeans and not just the European Union’s Member states. It is also referred to as the flag of Europe or the European flag. Our EU flags are available in 3 varieties for use in outdoor, indoor and mini flag displays. The outdoor flags are ideal for all-weather use. The indoor flags come fitted with a gold fringe and the mini flags measure 4”x6”, ideal for a desktop or handheld display. For more about each type of EU flag click on an image below.

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European Union Flag 2' X 3' Nylon
European Union Flag 3' X 5' Nylon
European Union Flag 4' X 6' Nylon
European Union Flag 5' X 8' Nylon
Mini European Union Flag 4"X6"
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Select up to 4 items to compare.

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