Malta Flags

The flag of Malta features a two toned design with the Gorge Cross placed in the Canton. It is speculated that the flag’s design is based on the flag of the Knights of Malta. These flags are available for indoor and outdoor use in all-weather situations. The outdoor Malta flags come in four sizes while the indoor flag measure 3’x5’. The indoor flags are ideal for official displays. We also have a mini flag of Malta for desktop and handheld use. For more about these products click on an image below or read the description below.

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Malta Flag 2' X 3' Nylon
Malta Flag 3' X 5' Nylon
Malta Flag 4' X 6' Nylon
Malta Flag 5' X 8' Nylon
Malta Indoor Flag 3' X 5' Nylon
Mini Malta Flag 4" X 6"
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Select up to 4 items to compare.