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Full Product Details of our Wiggler® Multi-Colored Pennants:

Transform drab events into a whimsical party with our multi-colored pennant set. Standing 6' and featuring brightly colored pennants, these sets are an exciting way to mark boundaries, spruce up an event booth, or add fun. Featuring weather-resistant plastic pennants and a flexible fiberglass pole, these sets are as sturdy as they are captivating. Add these to any event space and watch them draw business your way! Order now to experience their transformative impact!

  • Set of six poles with six pennants each = 36 pennant flags 
  • Includes six lightweight 6' extra-strong fiberglass poles that bend in the wind 
  • Sag-resistant 9" x 12" pennants that "swing" back and forth in the wind, drawing attention to your location 
  • Each set of plastic pennants easily slides over the 6' Wiggler® flagpole 
  • Easy installation — simply stick the flagpoles into the ground for a vibrant and sturdy display 
  • Pennants include the following colors: blue, orange, green, pink/purple, yellow, and red. *Sequence may vary from the pictures shown

Why Purchase Wiggler® Multi-Colored Pennants from Carrot-Top?

Catch visitors' eyes with Wiggler® multi-colored pennants from Carrot-Top! Fluttering in the gentlest breeze, these flags create an engaging spectacle, transforming your storefront or special event into a lively, visible hub. Stand out with the pennants' bright colors and fluttering motion, drawing attention and foot traffic directly to your business!

Crafted from high-quality plastic cloth, our Wiggler® pennants are designed for durability. Each string is double-sewn and features a lively color sequence, making them perfect for any festive occasion. Whether used to mark boundaries at outdoor carnivals or add a splash of color, these multi-colored pennants withstand the elements and continue to look great.

Installation of our multi-colored Wiggler® pennants is easy and straightforward. Each set comes with lightweight, extra-strong 6' fiberglass poles that are easy to position. Simply slide the pennant strings over the pole and plant it in the ground. In no time, your display will stand tall and vibrant, enhancing any setting.

Why wait? Enhance your visibility today with multi-colored pennants! Order now and watch as these colorful flags transform your space and attract more visitors!

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Elevate your event with our eye-catching selection of advertising flags, designed to captivate and draw attention at any business or community gathering. Our vibrant and diverse options range from the festive colors of our pennant strings, available in styles like racing checkers or patriotic themes, to the bold simplicity of our solid-colored flags. For a tailored approach, explore our custom nylon digital pennant flags. Use advertising flags to effectively convey your message and enhance your event's ambiance when you shop at Carrot-Top today!

Expert Assistance Just a Click Away: Connect with Our Flag Pros

Carrot-Top specializes in custom products that celebrate and enhance your brand's visibility. For a classic touch, order an American flag from our collection. If you require assistance navigating our options or completing your order, our Flag Pros can help you via our Contact Us Form. Choose Carrot-Top to elevate your space and showcase your values with premium, personalized flags. 

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