Outrigger Residential Solar Light

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The outrigger flagpole solar light is a saucer shaped solar-powered light which fits onto any 1" diameter pole with ease. These solar lights are ideal for use with flagpoles with a height of 5' or 6'.

The outrigger flagpole solar light switches on automatically at dusk and shines a beam of light down on to the flag from the top of the flagpole to illuminate your flag. For more information about the outrigger flagpole solar light refer to the description tab at the bottom of the page.

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The outrigger flagpole solar light is a perfect accessory for you residential flag display. The U.S flag code dictates that all Outdoor American flags should be illuminated during hours of darkness or taken down. With this solar outrigger pole light you can put up your flag and display it night or day without having to raise and lower it at night. These solar lights are extremely durable and designed for long term outdoor use.

The outrigger residential flagpole light illuminates with the intensity of about 20 lumens which is equivalent to the light produced by approximately five Christmas lights. The outrigger solar light requires just one rechargeable AA battery which can last up to 1,000 charge/discharge cycles (1 cycle = 1 night). The AA battery is charged by a solar panel measuring 2.25"x1" and is located on the top of the light. For optimal charging conditions make sure that the solar panel is facing direct sunlight, especially at midday. The circular outrigger pole light has a diameter of about 5" and a height of 1.25".

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*Charge for a full 48 hours in direct sunlight before using.

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