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Perma-Nyl® Nylon U.S. Flag

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GSA Approved

Our Valley Forge Perma-Nyl® nylon U.S. flag is a premium heavyweight nylon American flag. Nylon flags are extremely durable and hold up well in all weather conditions. These flags have a perfect balance of strength and weight and fly high and proud with the lightest breeze. Our flags are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Nylon flags are a great fit for rainy areas due to its quick-drying capabilities. The Perma-Nyl® nylon U.S. flag is available in several standard sizes, read below your choices for more information to make the right decision!

GSA contract pricing on select items only.


The Perma-Nyl® nylon U.S. flag features heavyweight nylon woven together in a close weave. Nylon American flags have proved to be the most versatile flags. The heavyweight nylon used in these flags allows for a perfect balance of durability and strength which makes for a great long-term indoor and outdoor American flag. The flag also features sewn stripes and embroidered stars that stand out proudly against a blue plane.

Nylon American flags also come with a great track record of retaining color over extended periods of use in sunup to sundown displays. All Perma-Nyl® nylon U.S. flags are 100% made in the USA so you can rest assured that they are held up to the highest of standards.

Size Choices:

  • 2x3' Perma-Nyl® nylon U.S. flag recommended for use on a 15' flagpole
  • 3x5' Perma-Nyl® nylon U.S. flag recommended for use on a 20' flagpole
  • 4x6' Perma-Nyl® nylon U.S. flag recommended for use on a 25' flagpole
  • 5x8' Perma-Nyl® U.S. flag recommended for use on a 30' flagpole
  • 5x9.5' Perma-Nyl® U.S. flag recommended for use on a 35' flagpole
  • 6x10' Perma-Nyl® U.S. flag recommended for use on a 40' flagpole

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