Internal Halyard Rope - Sentry Flagpole Rope Kit

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Internal halyard rope kits are designed specifically to be used with sentry flagpoles, our low cost internal halyard flagpoles. The sentry flagpole rope kit includes all halyard or flagpole rope replacement parts needed to raise or lower your flag on a sentry flagpole. As part of your regular flagpole maintenance, you should check your rope for fraying each time you replace your flag.

The internal halyard rope kit is available to match your flagpole in sizes from 20' to 35'. Please choose below the size that corresponds with your pole height and click add to cart.


Sentry flagpole rope kits are designed specifically for our Sentry internal halyard flagpoles. The low-cost Sentry flagpole features a cam action cleat that lowers the flag with a push of a button and traditional pulleys that raise the flag. The Sentry flagpole rope kit is designed to be used with the cam cleat system and fits perfectly inside the shaft of the flagpole.

The sentry flagpole internal halyard rope kit features a special attachment that comes pre-installed on the rope for it to be compatible to use with the cam action cleat mechanism. Flagpole rope is provided with the purchase of a flagpole, these rope kits can be used to replace existing rope in the Sentry flagpole to ensure that you flag display functions well over extended periods of time.

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