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A Look at College Dorm Flags and How to Show Off What You Support!

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June 30, 2022 at 1:39:11 PM PDT June 30, 2022 at 1:39:11 PM PDTth, June 30, 2022 at 1:39:11 PM PDT

College and university flags are a fantastic way to demonstrate your support for your college teams and foster the friendly competition that so many Americans enjoy! College flags look fantastic displayed next to your state and national flags! NCAA flags are the perfect way to show anyone who comes in your dorm room what team you pull for on the weekends and who you have pride in.  
Many college dorm residents also enjoy displaying novelty flags. This adds a sense of charm, shows your support, or provides a good laugh to anyone who sees your display. Dorm room flags are always eye-catching and offer some “curb appeal” from the hallways. 


Show off Your Spirit with a College Flag Today!

No dorm room would be complete without a flag of some sort. Whether it be your college or university flag, a novelty flag, custom flag, a state flag, or a classic American flag. After all, who wants to look at the blank white walls of their college dorm room all the time?
It is always a good idea to express your support for your school or school athletics, regardless of who you root for. Our college flags are fantastic for cheering on your team when tailgating at football games or other events. The NCAA flag collection is a fantastic way to support your group.
USA flags are always great décor, no matter where they are put on display.  
Create a custom novelty flag for some added humor or support and attract the attention that you want to get from your dorm room decorations!  


Custom Flags are Great for Recognition and Navigation!

Our heavy-duty custom flags are great for college campuses to help alleviate the need for other more costly means of navigating the area or paying recognition to landmarks, buildings, or other areas.
Our custom flags are also perfect to make a beer flag, funny flags, or even put your favorite meme on your wall! Put up a funny license plate, a funny quote, ”McLovin’s” driver license, hippie flags, flags with Kanye West, Nicki Minaj flags, OJ Simpson bronco meme flag, or even a Spongebob themed flag! You can poke fun at the ”live laugh love” home decor suburban moms fancy so much.

College dorm room decor can be as creative as your mind allows with our custom flags.


Setting up Your Flag Display

First, you have to learn your college or university’s rules about what and how you are allowed to display your flags and make your room your own!
Don't compromise your sense of style due to dorm room limitations! With simple decorative supplies, harm can be avoided in a number of ways. These are some of the most common methods for hanging wall art that nonetheless abide with college regulations:
• You may avoid making holes in your dorm room walls by using mounting putty, which is adhesive enough to hold up your decorations without leaving a mess on the walls. It is clean and simple to take off. The only thing you should be aware of before using putty is that if you try to remove it, it can damage the actual wall decor. However, you should only use it to hang objects that can be quickly replaced or that you wouldn't mind ripping.
• Similar to putty, double-sided tape is ideal for delicate goods that you don't mind scratching when removing. Due to improvements made by manufacturers, double-sided tape is now stronger and more resilient than single-sided tape. For plastic-framed objects or message boards, heavy-duty tape, for instance, may support up to about a pound. Avoid hanging on plaster or wood as tape occasionally picks up paint.
• Look for press-and-hook wire hangers at your local hardware or home furnishings store if small holes are permitted. These kits leave the tiniest hole in the wall, don't need any tools to remove, and work quickly and effectively. To finish, simply press into the drywall and hang. They work well for items that are odd in size or shape or for ceiling hangings. Some of those hooks can actually support up to 150 pounds! These may be used to hang a variety of flags and decorations from your walls, but many schools and universities forbid students from making holes in the walls.
Whichever installation method you choose, make sure you follow your dormitory rules so that your wall flags, wall hangings, or wall tapestries don‘t damage your dorm walls.  


Let Carrot-Top Assist you Today with Your College Flag Needs!

Posters, tapestries, custom flags, flag banners, and other various lightweight options are great for protecting the walls of your dorm room or college apartment. Contact Our Team, chat with us, or phone us at (800)628-3524 right now to check out today or have any of your questions or concerns alleviated!