Articles written by Sonya Parker
Articles written by
Sonya Parker

Breast Cancer: A Survivor’s Story

Carrot-Top, like thousands of small and large businesses across our nation, is filled with people facing a wide range of issues that affect our lives: rising costs, child care, parental care, health concerns and other matters. Americans all across our nation are constantly juggling life and work in hopes of improving our lives or simply trying to survive. If we are lucky, and those of us here at Carrot-Top are, our places of employment are not just locations where we log, four, eight or twelve hour shifts. They are places where diverse people work together and, perhaps, become friends-- learning and sharing the experiences and events that shape each other’s lives. If we are extremely lucky, those friends become like a family, sharing good times and uplifting each other in tougher times. A few years ago one of the members of our Carrot-Top family faced (and continues to face) one of the toughest battles of her life. Her struggle united us and one of the best ways to honor her, and it, is to share it with others. Here is her story……

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