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The Correct Way of Displaying American Flags on all Types of Vehicles

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March 28, 2023 at 1:07:34 PM PDT March 28, 2023 at 1:07:34 PM PDTth, March 28, 2023 at 1:07:34 PM PDT

Showing your patriotism is a favorite pastime for many Americans, which is why they choose to display an American flag on their vehicle. Some prefer adding a decal to their bumper or back window, while others choose a car flag specially designed for the outdoors. While there’s no doubt that having the stars and stripes waving proudly as your drive is inspiring, it’s important to ensure you mount it correctly so you don’t accidentally dishonor our national emblem.


When placing an American car flag or sticker on a work vehicle, adhering to proper flag code etiquette is even more important since you represent your business. We will discuss the correct way of displaying the U.S. flag, so you can drive with confidence, knowing you’re correctly honoring our great country. 


Proper Flag Etiquette For Trucks And Cars 




The USA flag should be displayed on the passenger side when flown singularly, but if displaying two flags simultaneously, it is acceptable to place them identically on both the driver and passenger sides of the vehicle. Be sure to mount both flags at an equal height, ensuring neither is lower than the other. The stars should always be in the upper left corner when on the driver’s side and the upper right corner when on the passenger’s side to ensure the union is always in a position of honor. 

If not using a car window flag, you must ensure the flag’s staff is firmly attached to the vehicle’s right front fender or chassis. When placing multiple flags in the bed of a pickup truck, be sure to adjust the flagpole inside the post holes to ensure they are equal heights.


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You should never drape the American flag over the sides, top, back, or hood of a vehicle or fly the flag at half-staff. It is also important that you never fly any flag higher than the US flag; additionally, no flag should be larger than the American flag; however, equal size is permitted.


Proper Flag Etiquette For Motorcycles




When mounted on a motorcycle, the flag display should be on the “marching right” of the rider or their right when moving forward. It is also acceptable to mount the flag on the rear center of the bike.





You should never fly the flag at half-staff or mount it to the rider’s left-hand side on a motorcycle. As with a car or truck, the American flag should never be lower or smaller than any other flag on the vehicle. 


Mounting Military Service Flags 


If you are mounting military flags on your vehicle, they must be flown in a specific order, always lower than the American flag. The order is as follows:


  1. U.S. Army 
  2. U.S. Marine Corps 
  3. U.S. Navy 
  4. U.S. Air Force 
  5. U.S. Coast Guard 
  6. U.S. Merchant Marine 
  7. U.S. Army National Guard 
  8. U.S. Army Reserve 
  9. U.S. Marine Corps Reserve 
  10. U.S. Naval Reserve 
  11. U.S. Air National Guard 
  12. U.S. Air Force Reserve 
  13. U.S. Coast Guard Reserve


It is also acceptable to fly state flags alongside the US flag, as long as they are lower and of equal or smaller size. 




Should I Use a Specific Type of American flag on My Vehicle? 


You should use a weather-resistant, heavy-duty reinforced U.S. flag durable enough to withstand high winds without fraying. Many people use flags with embroidered stars and sewn stripes since they are sturdier than printed versions. 


Should I Take Down my Flag During Inclement Weather? 


Unlike indoor American flags, most car window flags can withstand the elements, but if you believe they could incur damage, it is always best to remove them. 


Can I Mount a Stick Flag to My Vehicle? 


While stick flags are perfect for parades and events where your vehicle is moving slowly, they’re not the best option for daily commutes. Better options for permanent display include a window clip, decal, stickers, and specially-made American car flags. 


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