The Top 6 Tallest Flagpoles in the World

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Humanity is constantly striving reaching new heights in the form of taller buildings, bridges, and more. Since everyone loves watching a flag wave proudly in the breeze atop a flagpole, it’s no wonder that countries across the world have sought to earn the honor of housing the world’s tallest flagpole. If you’ve ever walked by a flagpole and wondered where the tallest flagpole in the world was located, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at the six tallest flagpoles currently and where you can expect to see the newest (and tallest) flagpoles in the future.

# 6 Aqaba Flagpole, Jordan - 430 Ft (130M) 

The Aqaba flag is the sixth-largest flagpole in the world and is undeniably impressive. Built in October of 2004, it once held the record as the world’s tallest freestanding flagpole before being surpassed in 2008. It flies the Arab Revolt flag, which commemorates the 1917 battle of Aqaba, a military uprising where Arab forces led by Auda Abu Tayi and Sherif Nasir, fought the Ottoman Empire for command over the Red Sea port of Aqaba, defeating them in a decisive victory. The Aqaba flagpole is so tall it can be seen from three different countries, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Egypt. 


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#5 Ashgabat Flagpole, Turkmenistan - 436 Ft (133M) 


The Ashgabat flagpole comes in as the fifth largest flagpole in the world, taking the place of the Aqaba flagpole on June 29, 2008. Erected as a celebration of independence from the USSR, it is considered Turkemistan’s main flag. On September 1, 2010, it earned a spot in history when it was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records by its Vice President, Greig Glenday. Although an incredibly tall flagpole, it isn’t the tallest monument in the country, being surpassed by the Turkmenistan Tower by over two-hundred feet! 


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#4 Panmunjom Flagpole - Kijongdong, North Korea 520 Ft (160M) 


North Korea has always sought to make a name for itself, which was the driving force behind the manufacturing of the towering Panmunjom flagpole. In the mid-1980s, the country began dueling with South Korea in what would become known as the “flagpole standoff” for bragging rights on the largest monument. In its efforts to pass its southern neighbors, North Korea built a flagpole that would hold the #1 spot as the world’s tallest for around twenty years. Some contest it’s place on the list since it’s not technically a free-standing pole; however, many still consider it the world’s fourth tallest flagpole. Due to its height, this North Korean pole can be seen for miles around, a particularly poignant site since only small buildings and grassy fields surround it. 


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#3 National Flag Square Flagpole, Azerbaijan - 531 Ft (162M) 


The third tallest flagpole in the world sits proudly along the Caspian Sea in beautiful Azerbaijan. Interestingly built by a company responsible for the Dushanbe flagpole, the world’s second-largest flagpole, it remains one of the most beautiful sites in the entire nation. Unfortunately, its home within the National Flag Square has been closed since June of 2019 to prepare for an even taller structure. While you may not be able to walk up to it, its sheer size means you can view it for miles around, a sight that is definitely worth the trip. 


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#2 Dushanbe Flagpole, Tajikistan 541 Ft (165M) 


Another flagpole on the list with ties to a previous mention on the list, the Dushanbe flagpole was constructed by the same San Diego-based company that built the National Flag Square Flagpole. Construction to erect this beautiful monument began on National Flag Day in Tajikistan on November 24, 2010, and wouldn't end until May 24, 2011. Its picturesque location surrounded by snow-peaked mountains is one that can’t be missed! 


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#1 Jeddah Flagpole, Saudi Arabia - 561 Ft (171 M) 


The honor of the world’s tallest flagpole goes to the Jeddah Flagpole in Saudi Arabia. It took three different construction stages to erect this enormous monument, which flies the Saudi Arabian flag, a task that wasn’t completed until September 23, 2014. The flagpole is located in the middle of King Abdullah Square and is surrounded by thirteen lights representing Saudi Arabia’s thirteen governances. 


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Notable Mentions: The Largest Flagpole in North America 


The current largest flagpole in North America is the Acuity Insurance flagpole in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA. Standing 400 feet tall, it flies a 70x140 foot American flag, which is visible for miles on a clear day. 


There are also plans led by the nonprofit group Wreaths Across America to construct the world’s newest and largest flagpole in Columbia Falls, Maine. It would be located within a new site called “Flagpole of Freedom Park” and would be the only spot within the country to honor every one of the nation’s 24 million veterans in one location. The construction of the monument would mark the first time the United States held the honor of housing the world’s largest flagpole. 


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