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Top 10 Interesting Facts About the U.S. Army

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September 14, 2022 at 8:00:00 AM PDT September 14, 2022 at 8:00:00 AM PDTth, September 14, 2022 at 8:00:00 AM PDT

Let’s start the facts about the army with perhaps the most important one: the U.S. army is considered to be the strongest military force in the whole world! That said, you can only imagine what curious pieces of information await you.


We’ve picked ten facts about the US army that are probably going to raise your eyebrows in surprise.


So, let’s get started!


The US Army Is the Second Biggest Employer


While it’s not really that every other person you know has worked in the army at some point in their lives (as it might be the case with the biggest American employer, Walmart), the amazing fact remains: the US army is the second largest employer in the US.


At the moment, the US army has about 1,390,000 active military members. in this respect, the US ranks third, right behind India (1,450,000 military members) and China (about 2,000,000 active members).


But, when talking about all the people on the payroll, there’s also the National Guard and Reserve personnel (1.1 million). What is more, let’s not forget the fact civilians are added to this equation as not all army employees have to serve the duty. The US army has about 700,000 civilian workers. If you did the math right, it’s clear how come the military is the second biggest American employer.


The Army Is Older Than the Country


For this, we need to remind ourselves of the history and the Civil War. George Washington led the Continental Army in spring 1775 against the British forces, while the nation’s birthday came a year later, on 4th July 1776.


All things considered, the time was scarce to officially write the declaration and approve of it. Therefore, the US army was operating a year before it officially belonged to a country.


Official Army Birthday Is on June 14th


First things first — one needs an army to create the country. On June 14th, 1775, the Continental Congress created the US army. Hence, the army is older than the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution (13 years its senior).


The US Army Has the Most Bases in the World


You think the Roman Empire was impressive with its military spread all over the Old World? Think again! The US prides itself with the highest number of military bases in the world, and perhaps even in history!


Of course, not all US troops are based in the States — the American military influence spreads over at least 80 countries. Now that they’ve retreated from Afghanistan, the US has about 750 military bases around the world. What is more, the figure could actually be higher as not all data is publicly disclosed by the Pentagon.


Most US bases are situated in Japan, Germany, and South Korea — 120, 119, and 73, respectively. For comparison’s sake, Canada has just three bases, while Cuba has only one US army base.


31 Presidents Served in the Army


While you needn’t have military experience to become the next US President, it appears the chances are on your side if you have had some military background. Some of the most prominent US soldiers include George H.W. Bush, Harry S. Truman, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, and George Washington.


An Army State Would Be Bigger Than Vermont


Or Hawaii, Maryland, or Massachusetts. Namely, the army has over 15 million acres of land in its possession. That’s about 24,000 square miles. Therefore, the army could well have a state of its own.


Women Were First Allowed to Become Soldiers During WWII


This was the first-time women could serve the army outside the medical department. However, it was only in 1948 with the anti-discrimination bill that women were allowed to enlist in times of peace as well.


Army Is One of the Most Trusted Institutions


Americans have faith in their military, and the latest survey from 2021 confirms that about 69% of American citizens have confidence in the US military.


There Are About 2,500 Active Military Working Dogs


Out of this number, about 700 are ready to be deployed at any time. Most four-legged military members use their abilities to sniff out explosives and similar deadly devices that could be used by terrorists.


The MWDs accuracy is astounding with 98% of success!


Army Is Heavily Invested in Disaster Relief


The US army comes to those in need, be they Americans or foreigners. The first mission was during the Mississippi Flood of 1882, while recently the DoD has reacted by providing international assistance in Earthquake in Indonesia (2018), Cave Search and Rescue in Thailand (2018), and Hurricanes Irma and Marie in South America (2017).

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