Who Can Display the US Marine Corps Flag?

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The most common dilemma among families that wish to show their support for their member officially becoming a marine is how to display the American flag with the Marine Corps flag. The rules are fairly simple, and we’ll also say a word or two about the Marine Corps flag itself.


First the Old Glory, Then…


First the US flag, then the Marine Corps flag — sounds pretty straightforward. The national colors should always stand to the left of the Marine Corps flag, and the stars should be in the upper left corner from the observer’s point of view (when displayed on the wall or hoisted on the flagpole).


However, what happens when there are more flags to consider? Here is which flags stand between the US flag and the US Marine Corps flag, i.e. the Order of Precedence:


·             State flag

·             POW/MIA flag

·             Army flag

·             Marine Corps flag


Flag Size Matters


When you wish to display the Old Glory and the US Marine Corps flag next to one another, bear in mind that the latter has to be either identical in the terms of height and size to the US flag, or in the lower position, i.e. of smaller size.


As a matter of fact, this rule applies to all flags that are lower in rank than the US flag (including the flags of other countries as well).


Who Can Display the US Marine Corps Flag?


As shocking as it may sound, there is no official instruction on who exactly is entitled to flying the US Marine Corps flag in front of their home, or anywhere else on their property. 


Yet, it is customary for veterans, active-duty personnel, army members, and civilians to fly the flag in order to display their pride in the US military services.


US Marine Corps Flag Symbols


The scarlet flag clearly displays three important symbols, each one considered to be an icon of greatness.


As you may have guessed, the eagle is the original symbol of the United States. It holds a streamer in its beak with the Marine Corps motto: semper fidelis (Latin for “always faithful”), showing its eternal support. A more common usage is “Semper Fi”.


The eagle is on top of the globe. Therefore, the US marines have worldwide commitment. In addition, the globe stands for its areas of responsibility — a marine reports to duty in any climate or location.


Finally, the fouled anchor is a clear sign of close ties between the US Navy and the Marine Corps. Just like the globe, the anchor is to symbolizes the amphibious nature of the Marines’ duties.


US Marine Corps Flag History


Similar to the other military flags, the US Marine Corps flag design was also changed over the years until its final dimensions, colors, and emblem was adopted in 1939.  


Quite in opposition to the vibrant scarlet color, the original flag was white. The gold fringe, which is added to the indoor or parade version, has been present from the very beginning, though, as well as the anchor and the eagle.

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