Maldives Flags

The Flag of Maldives features a distinctive and bold design that reflects the religious values of this island nation. Our Maldives flags are available in three varieties and several sizes. Outdoor flags range in size from 2’x 3’ to 5’x 8’. Indoor flags showcase plush gold fringe and make great presentation flags for parades and official displays. Our handheld flags are perfect to share with others and also make wonderful table displays. For more information about each type of Maldives flag click on image below.

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Maldives Flag 2' X 3' Nylon
Maldives Flag 3' X 5' Nylon
Maldives Flag 4'X6' Nylon
Maldives Flag 5' X 8' Nylon
Maldives Indoor Flag 3' X 5' Nylon
Mini Maldives Flag 4" X 6"
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Select up to 4 items to compare.