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Explore Our Full Guide About 5x8 American Flags

Carrot-Top Industries has a large assortment of 5x8 Ft American flags that are sure to meet your demands. This flag size is ideal for displaying your patriotism in your city, business, government buildings, school, and numerous other settings. Our 5x8 Ft. U.S. flag are meticulously crafted to offer a long-lasting, that will impress all.

Are our 5x8 Beacon Nylon Flags Right for You?


The 5x8 Beacon® Nylon US Flag is one of our most popular flags for homeowners and businesses. These flags may be displayed in several different ways and are sure to add curb-appeal anywhere they are displayed! Our 5x8 Nylon American Flag is crafted with strong, durable nylon that dries in moments and waves effortlessly in the slightest breeze. Carrot-Top's Beacon® Nylon U.S. flags are built with superior craftsmanship and are some of the longest-lasting flags in the industry. These flags feature the finest grade of strong and durable 200 denier nylon, intricately sewn stripes and embroidered stars. These features ensure that your 5x8 ft. American Flags are resistant to fraying and fading with 4 rows of lock stitching with their brilliant colors and super tough, lightweight construction. BUY TODAY!


Take a Look at Our 5x8 Patriarch Polyester Flags!

Our Patriarch® Polyester US flags are designed for use in coastal areas and in locations with high winds and extreme weather conditions. These polyester 5x8 US flags are designed with care to detail and quality. The heavy duty 5x8 American flag is crafted with thick, woven two-ply polyester fabric. Our polyester flags are designed and treated to be UV resistant, which resists fading, wear and tear and sun damage. Patriarch® Polyester is significantly stronger, thicker and more durable than nylon. These outdoor American flags withstand damage and abuse from high winds. Their reinforced, double-stitched fly ends offer the best reinforcement to ensure that you are getting a great quality polyester flag with every flag ordered. These American US flags are recommended for coastal regions and other areas with more severe winds, temperatures, and climates. These 5x8 ft. American flags feature vibrant colors that are resistant to fading—even with daily use and are built with strong canvas header and solid brass grommets which allow flags to be flown on all outdoor flagpoles. These best-seller, heavy-duty, durable flags feature sewn stripes to provide extra reinforcement against the elements and embroidered stars sure to withstand even the harshest climates. BUY TODAY!

These Products are Made in the USA and are Backed by a 6-Month Guarantee.


Our Beacon® Nylon and Patriarch® Polyester flags are all proudly made in the USA. You can buy an American flag that has been manufactured in various places, not all flags are created equal. At Carrot-Top, our American flags are proudly American made with the utmost care and attention to detail to provide you with an excellent quality product every time. This helps to support our economy and ensures that your 5x8 ft. American flag is of the highest quality and is going to have the highest durability available. You truly cannot beat the quality of a Carrot-Top flag.

Our flags are backed by our industry’s best six-month guarantee. We have developed the Beacon® Nylon and Patriarch® Polyester brand family of Carrot-Top flags with unsurpassed quality and the utmost attention to detail, so you are sure to be satisfied with your purchase every time. Our American flags are expertly crafted by the most experienced flag makers in the industry. A flag backed by the Carrot-Top name features fade-resistant colors, durable fabric and fray-resistant stitching to ensure the best longevity and use from your American flag. These 5x8 American flags are supported by our six-month guarantee, emphasizing how we are committed to your satisfaction. This warranty covers any defects, fading or tearing, starting at your date of purchase.

Check out our Customer Reviews to Make Sure You are Getting a Great Product



Take a look at our full list of customer reviews before you checkout to make sure you are getting the absolute best USA flag product available for you and your needs with quality feedback from other Carrot-Top patrons! Let us and our other proud customers help you make sure you have the best display of stars and stripes today!

Fabric information comparing 5x8 Nylon to 5x8 Polyester


Not sure which 5x8 ft. US flag is right for you? Check out our comparison here to make sure you get the right flag for your needs!

Carrot-Top's deluxe Beacon® Nylon 5x8 American flags are the best all-around outdoor flag on the market! These US flags are crafted out of premium, fade-resistant nylon and feature reinforced stitching, and a 6-month guarantee against defects, fading and tearing. This flag is ideal for long-term outdoor use in all weather conditions and can be displayed in nearly any residential or commercial setting. However, these heavy-duty nylon 5x8 ft. American flags are not recommended for high-wind areas or areas with extreme climates as they do not offer the best durability in constant winds when they are on display daily and are more likely to show wear and tear when subjected to the elements.

Our Patriarch® Polyester brand family of Carrot-Top flags are designed for use in coastal areas and in locations with high winds and extreme weather conditions. These 2-ply polyester American flags are designed with attention to detail and the highest quality available. They feature brightly saturated colors that are resistant to fading — even with daily use in extreme weather conditions and a durable canvas heading. The embroidered stars and sewn stripes provide extra reinforcement against the elements. These flags are not recommended by our experts in areas with light to moderate winds as they can be too heavy to flow in just a slight breeze when they are displayed daily. These polyester flags are not recommended for use on outrigger (porch) poles due to their heavy-duty construction.

Of course, both of these Carrot-Top exclusive brands are proudly made in America and are backed by the industry’s best six-month guarantee.

Ideal pole size for the 5x8 flag


Our Carrot-Top experts have more than forty years of experience in the flag industry. Our Customer Care Experts recommend displaying your 5x8 ft. American flag on a thirty-foot flagpole or thirty-five-foot flagpole to ensure stability as well as giving you the best longevity for your flag. Check out our full collection of flagpoles and flagpole sets! Displaying old glory is a great way to ensure you show your pride in and support for your country. Elevate your outdoor décor to the next level with Carrot-Top flags.

Take a Look at Our Other American Flag brands!

We are proud to offer 5x8 flags from Annin Flagmakers, one of the top-quality flag manufacturers in the U.S.A. and the world.

5x8 Ft American Flags by Annin Flagmakers

Nyl Glo® American flags from Annin Flagmakers are made of lightweight and durable 200 denier nylon dyed fabric. These 5x8 American flags are constructed with industrial strength fabric that dries in minutes and elegantly waves in the faintest breeze.

Tough Tex® American flags are made of durable polyester and are ideal for long-term outdoor displays in all weather conditions. Our Tough Tex® American flag is made of extremely strong, heavy-weight, two-ply polyester. These 5x8 American flags feature individually sewn stripes, which are guaranteed to last longer than those of a printed flag, and embroidered stars, which stand out on the flag's blue plane and remain brilliant white throughout the flag's lifetime.

5x8 Ft US Flags by Eder Manufacturer Co.

Carrot-Top Industries is also proud to offer products from Eder Manufacturing Co. As the industry leader, Eder Flag is proud to be the nation’s largest manufacturer of both flags and flagpoles. You can feel secure knowing both your flag and pole were expertly crafted in the USA from American materials, with care and attention paid to even the smallest detail.

The Eder Endura-Nylon® 5x8 U.S. Flag represents one of the best values in an outdoor American flag that Carrot-Top carries, all proudly made here in the United States! The Eder Endura-Nylon® U.S. Flag's embroidered stars lend a 3D texture to the flag's finish, and its sewn stripes and four rows of stitching at the fly end reflect excellent workmanship.

Our 5x8 Ft. Reinforced Endura-Nylon® U.S. flags are an ideal flag choice for moderately windy weather conditions or in areas where short bursts of gale-force winds are common. Proudly made in the U.S.A., these flags come ready to fly—featuring extra reinforcement on the top and bottom as well as on the fly end.

If you’re looking for a more heavy-duty polyester flag, Eder Flag Manufacturing Company's Poly-Max™ reinforced 5x8 American flag is an ideal flag choice for coastal or mountain environments, where short bursts of gale-force winds are common. Proudly Made in the U.S.A., these poly flags are built tough with extra rows of stitching on the fly end, top and bottom, as well as lock stitching on the front and back sides for added reinforcement. Each of these high wind American flags is finished with a heavy-duty header and grommets for attaching your flag to your flagpole with a snap hook set.

5x8 Ft. United States Flag by Valley Forge

We are honored to offer Valley Forge Flags to our customers as well. Valley Forge Flag manufactures and distributes its products from state-of-the-art facilities throughout the East Coast of the United States. Valley Forge Flag Company continues its commitment to provide high-quality flags exemplifying our country’s national honor and spirit, raising its colors to express respect and pride for our American way of life.

Our Valley Forge Perma-Nyl® nylon U.S. flag is a premium heavyweight nylon American flag. Nylon flags are extremely durable and hold up well in all weather conditions. The Perma-Nyl® nylon U.S. flag features heavyweight nylon woven together in a close weave. Nylon American flags have proved to be the most versatile flags. The heavyweight nylon used in these 5x8 ft. flags allows for a perfect balance of durability and strength which makes for a great long-term indoor and outdoor American flag. Our 5x8 ft. Nylon American flags also come with a great track record of retaining color over extended periods of use in sunup to sundown displays. All Perma-Nyl® nylon U.S. flags are 100% made in the USA so you can rest assured that they are held up to the highest of standards.

Our Koralex II™ Polyester 5x8 Ft. U.S. flag is a tough, all-weather outdoor polyester American flag made using 100% spun polyester. The Koralex II™ is ideal for high wind or extreme weather conditions but looks and feels like a traditional rich American flag with vibrant colors. The polyester fibers on these 5x8 ft. American flags have a very high tensile strength and retain color better than most other fabrics.

Have Questions About Our 5x8 American Flags?

Our Customer Service Representatives are eager to help you today with any of our products that are proudly made in the USA! We are proud to offer our over forty years of expertise to our customers to ensure that you get the best product for your needs. Contact Our Team. Furthermore, please feel free to view our American flag buying guide for organizations.

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