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Full Product Details for our Flagpole Cleat Lock Box:  


Protect your outdoor flag display from theft and vandalism with our flagpole cleat lock boxes. These lock boxes effectively protect your state or American flag by covering the cleat and flagpole rope with a box only accessible with a key. Read the full product description to learn which flagpole lock box is right for you.

  • Made from sturdy, 100% rust-proof cast aluminum 
  • Available in two finishes and three sizes to match your flagpole’s height 
  • Uses a cylinder lock to protect against theft  
  • Design to withstand outdoor use 


Why Buy Our Flagpole Lock Box?  


Our flagpole lock box is made from aluminum for use with any in-ground aluminum flagpole. Its sturdy construction will resist rusting and deterioration in outdoor weather and comes in satin and bronze finishes to match the outside of your flagpole. Cleat cover boxes are especially useful for flag displays in off-site locations prone to theft. 


Frequently Asked Questions about our Flagpole Cleat Lock Box 


Please contact our Flag Pros if you have questions about our flagpole lock boxes and other anti-theft accessories.  


1. What type of flagpoles can I use with this product?  


This lock box is designed for our in-ground aluminum flagpoles with external pulley systems. This includes any of our Majestic™ Commercial-Grade Flagpoles, fine-line sectional flagpoles, and other aluminum flagpoles.  


2. What size flagpole lock box should I purchase? 


Purchase the small lock box for flagpoles 5” in diameter or smaller. Medium lock boxes may be used for 58” flagpoles. This includes regular commercial-grade flagpoles 25’50’ or heavy-duty architectural-grade flagpoles 20’45’. Large lock boxes work for flagpoles with a diameter of 10” or greater. This typically only includes very tall flagpoles.  


3. How does a flagpole cleat lock box work? 


Flagpoles lock boxes protect your flags on external halyard flagpoles by covering the cleat with a lockable metal box. This makes it significantly more difficult for thieves to lower your flag and remove it from the snap hooks.  


4. What other ways can I prevent flag theft?  


We have several products that make it harder for thieves to steal or vandalize your flag. In addition to our cleat cover boxes, you can buy a halyard cover that covers your flagpole rope completely. This prevents thieves from cutting or tampering with your halyard. View our cleat cover box with halyard channel to learn more about the product.

Those installing a new flagpole and concerned about theft should purchase an internal halyard flagpole. Internal halyard flagpoles are a type of flagpole where the halyard (rope) used to raise and lower the flag is located on the inside of the pole rather than being exposed on the outside. The halyard is pulled from inside the pole to raise and lower the flag. Flags are usually attached to the pole using clips and a flag arrangement, then secured with a retainer ring. These flagpoles use a counterweight to keep the flag straight and prevent it from bunching up.

Compare our Excell™ Internal Halyard Flagpole and our Sentry™ Internal Halyard Flagpole if you are interested in purchasing an internal halyard flagpole.  


What Other Flagpole Accessories Does Carrot-top Sell?    


Carrot-Top sells a number of replacement parts and flagpole accessories. Examples of flagpole hardware we sell include flash collars, flagpole trucks, ground sleeves, ball finals, and more. Shop for flagpole parts on our flagpole accessories category page.  


Your Most Trusted Source for Residential and Commercial Flagpoles!  


Carrot-Top proudly sells many high-quality flagpole kits manufactured in the USA. This includes commercial-grade aluminum in-ground flagpoles, fiberglass flagpoles, and more. Majestic™ flagpoles, our most popular line of aluminum flagpoles, come with a lifetime warranty on the shaft.

Those who are looking for low-cost flagpoles should consider our residential flagpoles. Sectional and telescoping flagpoles cost less to ship and create beautiful American flag displays for small homes 


At Carrot-Top, We Know Flags!  


Carrot-Top stands out as a top choice for customers shopping for flags and accessories. With our extensive selection of flags, including religious flags, state flags, military flags, and our iconic Beacon® Nylon American Flag, customers can find precisely what they need to proudly display their patriotism or represent their beliefs. With 40 years of experience in the industry, customers can trust our expertise and rely on our dedicated Flag Pros for guidance throughout the shopping process, including seamless checkout assistance. Fill out our contact us form if you need their help. 

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