Koralex II™ Polyester U.S. Flags

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Full Product Details of Our Valley Forge Koralex II™ American Flags: 


Discover the unmatched resilience of our Valley Forge Koralex II™ American flags, a testament to one of the most revered names in flag manufacturing. These flags are expertly crafted from 100% spun polyester, making them ideal for withstanding extreme weather conditions while maintaining a classic look and vibrant colors. Whether you’re in mountainous terrains, coastal regions, or facing harsh weather conditions, the Koralex flags ensure a striking display. Explore our selection and see why generations of Americans have chosen Valley Forge for flags that combine enduring strength with aesthetic appeal.

  • Constructed with 100% spun polyester utilizing 2x2 ply construction to create unmatched durability 
  • Finished with a strong canvas heading and brass grommets for easy hoisting 
  • Uses polyester fibers with high tensile strength and unbeatable color retention 
  • Performs well in windy areas with harsh sunlight 
  • Available in four excellent sizes  
  • Creates spectacular sunup to sundown displays 
  • Made in the U.S.A 


Why Purchase a Valley Forge Koralex II™ American Flag?  


Embrace the superior strength and vibrant durability of the Koralex II™ American flag. Crafted with 100% spun polyester and innovative 2x2 ply construction, this flag is a marvel of resilience. Each strand of polyester in the 2x2 ply fabric enhances the flag's overall strength, making it an ideal choice for environments that challenge ordinary flags. Despite their robustness, these flags remain surprisingly lightweight; a 6'x10' flag is less than five pounds, making it easy to transport and handle.  

Koralex flags not only withstand rigorous environments but also excel in color retention. The high tensile strength of the polyester fibers ensures that the flag's colors remain rich, even in constant outdoor exposure from sunrise to sunset. Finished with a sturdy poly-duck canvas header and brass grommets, this flag securely attaches to any outdoor flagpole with halyard rope.  

Choose the Koralex II™ polyester American flag for an unwavering commitment to quality and endurance. In-stock sizes will ship within 1-2 business days. 

What Size Flag Should I Buy for My Flagpole?  


  • 3x5' Koralex II™ American flags recommended for use on a 20' flagpole 
  • 4x6' Koralex II™ American flags recommended for use on a 25' flagpole 
  • 5x8' Koralex II™ American flags recommended for use on a 30' flagpole 
  • 6x10' Koralex II™ polyester American flags recommended for use on a 40' flagpole 


Looking for an Alternative Valley Forge American Flag?  


Koralex flags are not the only Valley Forge-branded U.S. flags we have for sale. We also carry Perma-Nyl® U.S. flags, another exceptional offering. Each Perma-Nyl® flag boasts sewn stripes, eye-catching embroidered stars, and a sturdy canvas heading for resistance against the elements. Available in seven distinct sizes, Perma-Nyl® U.S. flags will complement any flagpole height, offering strength and versatility. Shop our American flag category page to see the complete list of Valley Forge U.S. flags for sale. 


Other United States Flag Products 


Carrot-Top Industries takes pride in offering American flags from some of the most esteemed flag makers in the nation. When you shop online today, you'll find equally impressive options such as Annin's Tough-Tex® flags and our exclusive Carrot-Top Patriarch® Polyester U.S. flags. These flags share similar attributes in durability, color retention, and weather resistance, making them ideal for various locations and conditions. Notably, our Patriarch® Polyester U.S.A. flags come with a six-month warranty, assuring lasting quality regardless of your environment. We invite you to explore our American flag category page for a comprehensive view of our offerings. Our Flag Pro team is ready to help if you require further assistance selecting the perfect American flag. Simply fill out our Contact Us form today! 


We're Proud to Fulfill All Your Flag-Buying Needs!  


Carrot-Top Industries caters to all your flag needs, no matter the variety. Our selection is unmatched, from the classic American flag to state and city banners, military flags, international flags, and unique custom designs. Our commitment to quality and variety ensures you'll find the perfect flag for any occasion or requirement. 

In addition to our extensive flag collection, we also provide a wide range of flagpoles. Whether you're looking for a residential, commercial, or indoor flagpole, we have options to suit every setting. Our heavy-duty architectural-grade flagpoles are especially suited for our durable Koralex flags, ensuring a strong and lasting display. 

Explore our diverse range and find exactly what you need with Carrot-Top Industries. Browse our selection today for high-quality flags, flagpoles, accessories, and more! 

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