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$41.99 to $3,620.99

Full Product Details for Tough Tex® American Flags: 


Are you looking for a commercial-grade flag that keeps intact in areas with harsh weather? Our Tough Tex® flags are crafted with 100% 2-ply, spun polyester for fierce resistance to high winds, sun, rain, and snow. These flags are ideal for long-term outdoor displays in all weather conditions. We especially recommend flying polyester in areas prone to strong winds. Our Tough Tex® American flags are handcrafted by America’s oldest and most trusted flag maker, Annin. 

  • Exquisite lock stitching, sewn stripes, and reinforced fly-ends to prevent tears and frays 
  • Strong canvas heading with rust-resistant brass grommets that attach easily to your flagpole 
  • Open weave construction to reduce fabric stress 
  • Steel-infused roped headings on flags 8’x12’ and larger 
  • Available in 15 sizes to match flagpoles up to 150’ 
  • Made in the U.S.A 

Why Buy an Annin Tough Tex® American Flag? 


Read below to learn why you should buy an Annin Tough Tex® flag! 


Specifically designed for high wind areas 


These polyester U.S. flags are made from spun woven polyester that’s ultra-resistant to tearing, fraying, and fading, even in areas with frequent storms. Tough Tex's ultra-durable flag material can last for months (sometimes even up to one year) in coastal, mountainous, and other high-wind areas!

Durable heavy-duty construction 


Each Tough Tex® U.S. flag is made from extremely strong, heavyweight polyester that resists fading and other wear and tear. Annin treats the polyester fabric to reduce sun and chemical deterioration. Its individually sewn stripes are reinforced at the fly-end to prevent tears. Plus, its embroidered stars (6’x10’ flags and smaller) stand out on the flag’s blue pane and remain a brilliant white throughout the flag’s lifetime. All these constructional elements help make this flag one of the longest-lasting flags on the market. Rest assured, this flag will keep its vivid colors longer than competitor flags!

Manufactured by trusted flag maker 


With more than 150 years in business, Annin Flagmakers are the oldest flag makers in the country. All their flags are American-made and uphold the highest quality standards. Learn more about Annin Flagmakers on our blog! 


Huge range of sizes available 


Carrot-Top sells Annin’s Tough Tex® flags in 15 sizes. You can grab sizes as small as 2.5’x4’ to as large as 30’x60’ for a flag that complements your flagpole. Below is a guide to the number of grommets for each flag size.

  • Flags sized 2.5'x4' to 8'x12' are finished with two grommets. 
  • Flags sized 10'x15' to 12'x18' are finished with three grommets.  
  • Flags sized 15'x25' to 20'x38' are finished with five grommets.  
  • Flags sized 30'x50' to 30'x60' are finished with seven grommets.  

Still unsure if the Annin Tough Tex® flag is right for you? Don’t hesitate to contact our Flag Pros via our contact us form. Check out our American flag page to find answers to your flag questions, including which flag is right for your flagpole. 


What Other Annin Flags Does Carrot-Top Sell? 


Tough Tex® American flags are not the only Annin flags we sell. Those looking for a lighter and cheaper fabric alternative can purchase Annin’s Nyl-Glo® American flags. These USA flags are constructed with a strong canvas header, rust-resistant brass grommets, and exquisitely sewn stripes. We recommend nylon if you live in an area with mild winds, as these flags have better fly ability.

Are you looking for alternative polyester flags? Carrot-Top sells American polyester flags from several of the most trusted American flag manufacturers, including Annin, Valley Force, and Eder Flag. Browse our polyester American flag category page to see our selection of high-quality flags. Also, check out our heavy-duty architectural-grade flagpole if you are looking for an in-ground flagpole that pairs well with the polyester flag. 


Polyester Flags: Guaranteed to Last Six Months or Longer 


In addition to American flags from top manufacturers, Carrot-Top sells its own exclusive brands of American flags. In both their design and their durability, Annin's Tough Tex® American flags are similar to Carrot-Top's exclusive Patriarch® Polyester American Flags. Compare the flags to see which best fits your needs.  

You can also purchase Carrot-Top’s Beacon® Nylon American Flag for the perfect all-weather solution. Beacon® Nylon and Patriarch® Polyester flags come with a six-month guarantee, meaning if your flag tears or rips, we will send you a free replacement. 


Outdoor Flags for All Climates! 


Carrot-Top sells everything you need for your outdoor flag display. In addition to our huge selection of outdoor American flags, businesses can also find flagpoles, state flags and military flags. Those that need help shopping can contact our Flag Pros. They have decades of experience helping shoppers find what they need! Fill out our contact us form to get started. 

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