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Full Product Details for our Majestic™ Indoor Telescopic Flagpole:


Experience the epitome of versatility and elegance with our Majestic™ Indoor Telescopic Flagpoles, exclusively crafted for Carrot-Top Industries. Designed with precision-engineered twist and lock sections, these flagpoles effortlessly adjust between 5' and 9', ensuring a majestic display tailored to your space's dimensions. Whether for government offices, educational institutions, military bases, or corporate headquarters, Majestic™ flagpoles symbolize excellence and patriotism. Elevate your flag display today with our Majestic™ flagpoles.


  • Available in three elegant finishes: chrome, wood-grained, and gold to complement your surroundings 
  • Excellent for indoor and parade use 
  • Adjustable; may be set to any height between 5' and 9' 
  • Features three collapsable sections: base is 1 1/4" D, middle is 1 1/8" D, and top is 7/8" D 
  • Rust-proof finish 


Why Purchase the Majestic™ Indoor Telescopic Flagpole?


Please continue reading to learn why our Majestic™ flagpoles are excellent for schools and businesses.


Adjustable twist and lock sections


The Majestic™ indoor flagpole stands as an innovative solution for patriots who require an adjustable display. Each pole has three twist and lock sections, which you may set from 5' to 9'. The flexibility of our indoor Majestic™ flagpole makes it an excellent pole for use indoors or during parades. The collapsable sections allow the flagpole to take up less space during storage while still extending to an impressive 9' in height. This makes it ideal for schools and universities needing a pole that can perform multiple functions while still creating remarkable displays. Pair with a 3' x 5' or 4' x 6' flag, and you'll have an impressive display guaranteed to inspire patriotism within your school or business.


Sturdy flagpole finish 


Customers who display their flag in multiple locations often require their hardware to be durable. Our Majestic™ flagpoles are created from sturdy aluminum, a material that does not rust. Each pole undergoes a meticulous powder-coating process to produce a wood-grained, gold, or chrome finish, allowing you to choose a flagpole harmonious with its surroundings. 


Easy assembly 


Every flagpole features a 1 1/4" diameter bottom that effortlessly screws into any matching flagpole base. To modify the height, just twist the flagpole, pull it up to your preferred height, and twist it again to secure it in place. Each pole has a versatile top designed to fit any flagpole ornament without an adapter. For parades, ensure the ornament is firmly attached with a 1/2" wood screw. 




Similar Flagpoles to Majestic™ Indoor Telescopic Flagpoles 


Carrot-Top is proud to offer many indoor flagpoles to best align with your budget and needs. Don't hesitate to contact our Flag Pros if you require additional help shopping. 


Majestic™ Indoor Telescopic Flagpole Sets


Those who are looking for the full indoor set to display their flag should consider purchasing our Majestic™ Indoor Telescopic Flagpole Sets, complete with an adjustable telescopic flagpole, an ABS plastic flagpole base, a plastic eagle flagpole topper and an elegant gold cord and tassel set. These gorgeous flagpole kits will elegantly display any 3' x 5' or 4' x 6' flag, turning your custom or BSA flag into the room's statement piece. You can also opt for the full Majestic™ Indoor U.S. Flag Set if you need a set with a U.S. flag. Don't just settle on any indoor flagpole kit; choose tradition, elegance, and quality when you buy from Carrot-Top. 


Other indoor flag sets 


Carrot-Top has a robust selection of indoor flag kits. Schools, businesses, and others with more flexibility in their display should opt for our jointed oak flagpole kits without a flag. Those needing strict military specifications should opt for our Brigadier™ Indoor Hardware Set. Both sets are of excellent quality and have everything you need to display any indoor 3' x 5' flag. Please browse our category page for the complete section of indoor flagpole sets


Indoor American flags for sale


The Majestic™ Telescopic Flagpole features gleaming components that beautifully enhance the presentation of any American flag with a fringe. This indoor flagpole system includes a flag that connects effortlessly to its support hardware via a smooth, lined pole sleeve. The flag itself boasts meticulously sewn stripes and delicately embroidered stars, offering a striking three-dimensional appearance. Clients who choose Carrot-Top for their indoor American flags receive the highest quality standard, perfectly suited for distinguished environments where formal displays are essential. 


Flag Essentials - All in One Place 


At Carrot-Top, we cater to your pride with a comprehensive range of flags for every occasion, from formal indoor displays to durable outdoor flags that brave the elements. Our outdoor American flags, made from premium Beacon® Nylon and Patriarch® Polyester, are celebrated for their resilience and beauty, earning hundreds of five-star reviews and a near-perfect satisfaction rating nationwide.


Need more help shopping? Finding the perfect flag within our extensive catalog is a breeze with the assistance of our Flag Pros, who are committed to helping you purchase what you need without exceeding your budget. For personalized service, reach out via our Contact Us Form. Choose Carrot-Top for unparalleled quality and service and join the ranks of our satisfied customers nationwide. Experience excellence with Carrot-Top, where your pride is our priority. 

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