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Full Product Details of our Patriarch® Polyester Double-Sided POW/MIA Black Flag: 

Pay a poignant tribute to the courage of prisoners of war and the memory of those missing in action with our double-sided polyester POW/MIA flags. These flags create vibrant displays that last a long time in areas known for destroying flags quickly, including harsh open plains, beaches, and other areas with extreme winds. With messaging visible from every angle, our POW/MIA flags serve as an unwavering reminder that freedom comes at a cost. Order your double-sided POW/MIA black flag today to fly this flag of remembrance high and proud! 

  • Constructed from heavy-duty two-ply polyester fabric 
  • Includes an ultra-strong canvas heading and rust-resistant brass grommets for easy attachment to flagpole halyard  
  • Double rows of stitching with four rows at the fly end 
  • Back by our industry’s best six-month guarantee for your peace of mind 
  • Double seals sewn to the flag with a thin layer of fabric between 
  • Available in three sizes: 3’x5’, 4’x6’, 5’x8’ 
  • Made in U.S.A. 

Why Buy a Patriarch® Polyester Outdoor Double-Sided POW/MIA Flag?

Carrot-Top's Patriarch® polyester POW/MIA black flags are digitally printed on two-ply 100% spun polyester fabric, similar to our Patriarch® Polyester American Flags. The double-reverse design will read correctly on both sides and is two seals stitched together with a thin layer of material between. As a result, these flags are heavier and require more wind to flutter and fly.  

You can choose from 3'x5', 4'x6' or 5'x8' sizes, all finished with a canvas header and grommets that easily attach to flagpole halyard. Polyester flags are suitable for areas with moderate to high winds. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Double-Sided POW/MIA Flags 

This FAQ explores the history and significance of the POW/MIA black flag. You can also learn more about how to use this product. Check out our POW/MIA flag category page for more in-depth flag history.  

1. Who created the POW/MIA flag?  

Mrs. Michael Hoff, the wife of a missing soldier and a National League of POW/MIA Families member, conceptualized the POW/MIA flag in 1971. She wanted a way to honor soldiers who remained unaccounted for in Southeast Asia and various US wars and conflicts. She collaborated with Norman Rivkees, Vice President of Annin and Company, and designer Newt Heisley, to create a flag for widespread distribution.  

2. What is the meaning behind the POW/MIA black flag?  

Displaying the POW/MIA flag symbolizes support and remembrance for prisoners of war or those missing in action. Designer Newt Heisley, drawing from his experience as a father of a former prisoner of war, included a barbed wire and guard tower on the flag as an ode to the harsh conditions these brave soldiers must endure. Overall, the flag serves as a reminder of their sacrifices and the ongoing effort to account for those who have not returned. 

3. Why should I buy a double-sided POW/MIA flag?  

The double-sided flag features the POW/MIA design on both sides, making the design easy to read from all angles. We recommend purchasing a double-sided flag if you live in an area with enough wind to fly the flag on most days. Since polyester flags are heavier and bulkier than nylon flags, expect a double-sided polyester flag to require a lot of wind to fly. Those who want a durable flag that can fly on days with lighter winds should consider our Single-Sided Patriarch® Polyester POW/MIA Flags 

4. Which fabric should I buy for my POW/MIA black flag? 

Our POW/MIA flags come in two types: polyester and nylon. If you live in a place with strong winds like mountains or the coast, it's best to purchase polyester. These flags are made from tough spun polyester and can handle harsh winds. On the other hand, nylon flags are lighter and work well in areas with mild to moderate winds. Nylon is a versatile material and can fly in different weather conditions, although it might not be as sturdy as polyester in very windy places. If you want a flag that can fly high no matter the weather, check out our double- and single-sided nylon POW/MIA flags. Among them, single-sided flags are the easiest to fly. 

5. Can civilians fly the POW/MIA every day?  

Some governmental entities, such as post offices, are mandated by law to hoist the POW/MIA black flag on six specific days throughout the year. These days include Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, National POW/MIA Recognition Day (observed on the third Friday in September), and Veterans Day. Civilians and private businesses have the freedom to display the POW/MIA flag every day of the year if they choose to do so. 

6. Can I purchase this flag in bulk for events or organizations? 

Carrot-Top offers bulk discounts for large orders or our POW/MIA double-sided flag. Any applicable discount is automatically applied to your order when you order online.  

Honor American Prisoners of War at Your Business Today!  

Carrot-Top offers products to show respect for POW/MIA heroes at major military installations and cemeteries. You can use our POW/MIA stick flags and quality POW/MIA grave markers to mark the graves of soldiers who went missing during their service. Check out all our POW/MIA products on our dedicated page. 

If you want to honor current or retired members of the US military, we have officially licensed military flags, proudly made in the USA. We also have flags for veterans, like those who served in the Vietnam War. Explore our wide selection of products by shopping online today! 

Pair your Polyester POW/MIA Black Flag with Premium Polyester American Flags 

We recommend pairing your POW/MIA flag with a matching outdoor American flag to create a dynamic multi-flag display that can withstand harsh winds. Our Patriarch® Polyester American Flags come in several sizes to complement your polyester POW/MIA flag. Just be sure your outdoor American flag is at least one size larger if you plan to fly the flag on the same flagpole as your POW/MIA flag. Featuring top-quality, spun polyester, these flags are crafted with durability in mind. Contact our Flag Pros today if you need help shopping for the right outdoor US flag to match your display.  

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